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    • Harou

      Comment on "RP: Family Dinner"

      "No. I'm not a hero. " Harou huffs. But he had morals and was sticking to them. "Karma will catch up with him eventually." "I'm sure if you eat up all your dinner you will get your cake." Hayate says and pats her head. "Dinner first then dessert."    

      • DarkwingPsycho

        Comment on "Just Dropping In"

        He brushed off her last comment.  "Why would he need you to steal it?" he press...few influential sources he had come into contact with.  One of which was chameleon tech that hid his humble...

        • Harmonizer

          Comment on "Banking on it."

          ((OOC: GUILTY!! *shakes fist* GUILTY ON ALL ACCOUNTS!!!)) Insert squeaky noise here as Harmonizer was immediately...o prison. Chuckling, she motioned for the woman to look as well.  "Guess karma doe...

          • Negaduck

            Comment on "RP: From Bad to Wurst"

            Boy karma gave a powerful whack didn't it. Almost enough to knock him out of 'animalistic greed' and back into his default 'animalistic rage'. As soon as his head stop...

            • Raindrop Flud

              Comment on "A hero returns"

              "Yeah, this place in my world was the legend of paradise my father would tell me about. And that's from the view me, so doing whatever I can to make it better feels like my way of repaying karma for...

              • Negaduck

                Comment on "RP: Epic-logue"

                Look, Negaduck was never one for being scrubbed, or nurtured, or reassured, even under the best of circumstances....He was recoiled against the far corner of that van faster than you could say karma.&nb...

                • Harmonizer

                  Comment on "A Wish and an Arrow"

                  Cammie nodded shakily. "Okay. I'll try..."  Harmon...swear no danger will come to you."  The duck-chameleon finally smiled. "Thank you. B...ere tomorrow."  She shifted into an ordinary chameleon to slink off into the grass.&...

                  • Harmonizer

                    Comment on "A Wish and an Arrow"

                    Harmonizer gave him an ironic smile. "Eef you knew me longer you wouldn't be calling...d just described. And it tickled her.  "W-well those two women and z-zat chameleon didn't t-think so!" she gaspe...

                    • Gladstone Gander

                      Comment on "Ace of clubs"

                      Hammerhead put a small black velvet lined box on the table and slid it to the tiger....s."  Shere Khan opened the box and admired the magenta gem inside. "The Chameleon Ruby of Pharaoh TooMuchTimein...

                      • Gladstone Gander

                        Comment on "RP: From Russia with Luck"

                        “Well I, for the record, very much like your shop as well. And you and Oz go back pretty far then? That& as the light blazed green and they zipped off. “How’s that for karma huh...