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    • Piper/ Jade

      About Jade/ Piper

      Name: Piper Lee Voice Actress (Sounds Like):  Lacey Chabert  (Zatanna from Young Justice) Alias: Jade Species: Duck Astrological sign: Sagittarius Height: Same as Darkwing or Negaduck Occupation: Bookstore employee/ Thief Relationships: Tre...

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      • Piper/ Jade

        It was only a matter of time...

        ((OOC: Reserved for Jade and Malicia))I hate gravity. It was true… in all her years as a thief, Jade's worst enemy was not bullets, security systems, or cops. It was gravity. It had been the source of twisted ankles, bruised body parts and the occasional collision with a wall. So no, they...

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        • Piper/ Jade

          Piper as Missy LaBuche

          Master thief, Master Mom, and Master blonde for the moment...

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          • Piper/ Jade

            If I fits, I can knicks!

            RESEREVED FOR: (Jade/Piper and The Von Drakes/ Frankie) <3 <3 <3 <3 There was something simply alluring about a jewelry store at night.. the glass displays, the soft lighting reflecting and sparkling off the shiny, polished surfaces of gem stones. The creamy color of satiny pear...

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            • Piper/ Jade

              Late Night Larceny

              Reserved for: Jade/ Lowkey <3 <3 <3 Somehow everything seemed to work out for the best when it came to her job… She got off in the wee hours of the morning, before anyone else was even thinking about getting out of bed. This left her with a quiet stretch of undisturbed time whe...

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              • Piper/ Jade

                From: Curmudgeonous Conflicts

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                • Piper/ Jade

                  Started from the Bottom

                  Previously on Duckverse… The return of Negaduck. Sighted, confirmed and subsequently smashed with evidence, Jade escapes the clutches of the psychopathic mallard— but only just barely. And little does out little duckette know, she has a little friend tagging along. Reserved for Jade and Steelbea...

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                  • Piper/ Jade

                    Just Dropping In

                    ((Reserved for Negaduck and Jade))   Sssssssssssssssk The cable sliding through Jade’s gloved hands hissed softly as she made her controlled decent downward. With a soft tap, she landed delicately on an outside balcony that was nestled a mere twelve stories above the concrete below....

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                    • Piper/ Jade

                      Sweet Rendezvous (Part 1)

                      ((Reserved for Negaduck and Jade/Piper. Anyone who wants to join, just ask.))Previously on Duckverse...Jade agrees to do some undercover work for Negaduck. The target? Jacob Mallard. After a long night out, poor Piper had to slip her way home in time to shower, change, and then head into work.***...

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                      • Piper/ Jade

                        Sweet Rendezvous (Part 2)

                        ((Reserved for Jade and Jacob. Unless you fit into this plan or something, in which case you'd need to speak with us.))Previously on Duckverse, Jade meets with Negaduck. The two collude, plot, and then Jade takes off following a rain of random gunfire. Never a dull moment. ***She ran.Th...

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