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      About: by for snacks, a chat and a browse! She's always ready to make friends! ~~~~~~~~ Darryl FinneganSpecies: DuckGender: MaleAge: 24Nationality: Irish Roughly the opposite of the...

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        Elliot Hudson

        About: ...protective at times.- Intense personality that can drive friends away.- Highly insecure, despite an outward confident appearance.MISC:- Born to an Irish mother (deceased) and an Engl...


        • Lilly Teal

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          ...laughed. "Darryl, get over here!" "Too many feckin lights in this place already and you want me to model for your friends," Darryl grumbled in Irish as he climbed back down and m...

          • GizmoDuck

            Comment on "Complimentary Chatter"

            ...e. This might be a tough one to score." And by the way the judges were huddled together it seemed it was.  Maybe it was something about that Irish brogue that made it sound so...

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              ...e bookshop downtown. Stop by for snacks, a chat and a browse! ~~~~~~~~ Darryl Finnegan Species: Duck Gender: Male Age: 24 Nationality: Irish Roughly the opposite of th...

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              • Trevor Mallard

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                Mine has two meanings. In Welsh it comes from the word meaning homestead or settlement. In Irish it comes from the word meaning prudent.

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                  @Harmonizer “He doesn’t have to eat somethimg he doesn’t like, Harm. I can make something more catered to his and other adult tastes. Smoothies, granola bars, muffins, bannana bread, zuchinni bread, pasta made from dried veggies, tofu, popcorn...More


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                      Drawn by FrothignLizard

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