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    • Richest Duck in the World

      Richest Duck in the World

      About: ...loaders or slowpokes! You'll earn your airfare and bring your own victuals. What are you still standing there gawking for? I don't have time for interviews. Alright fine. Come closer a...



      • Agent Gemini

        Interview with a Harmonizer (RP)

        Gemini stepped out on the Starduck’s patio with her extra large iced green tea in hand. With her other hand she typed on her phone as she walk up to a table and an...

        • Agent Gemini

          Safety Semi Guaranteed (RP)

          ...ail with your resume or to set up an interview! You can also text 454-554-63...77 with any questions. There may not be direct answers until after an interview.     (((OOC: p...

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          • Crimson Cowl

            Transcript of John Doe's interview

            Transcript: John Doe psychological interview 1, Dr J. Argon, Duckburg Physchological Ward, September 2014 Dr J: I'm glad you agreed to this Evaluation Mr. Doe John: Mr.Doe was my fat...

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            • Rebarka Sterling

              By Rebarka Sterling

              "BREAKING! SCROOGE MCDUCK, THEWORLD'S RICHEST DUCK.... NOT SCOTTISH! Mail away geneology test reveals Scrooge is actually Lithuanian! Will he hang up his kilt?! We have an exclusive interview next issue of Care of the Dog!" @ScroogeMCD

              • Rebarka Sterling

                By Rebarka Sterling

                @Malicia "All fan mail can be sent to the Aubodon Bay via being tied to a brick. Unless of course, you'd like to give an exclusive interview? I hear your series 'Piercing Damage' the sordid tale of the romance of a heroic archer and a violent...More


                • James Wolfe

                  RP: The Report

                  ((OOC: RP reserved for Carol Torres, James Wolfe, Hooter and Dimitri Vondran (well, only if you want to *wink*).)) "You called me, sir?" Hooter turned away from the window to glance at the wolf agent who had spoken as he entered his office, his expression unusually grim, with a hint of worry.&n...

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