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    • Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles

      Comment on "Battle of the Dads"

      The child continued running, not turning back when Quiverwing called out to her. They didn't wanna help her, they wanted to put her back in that place! She got her she knew was that she was never going to go back...

      • Lilly Teal

        Comment on "Positivity Overload"

        "That's very kind," she said with a smile, reaching out a hand to give his shoulder a very light pat, that was pulled back just as quickly. She took a few more steps back, and was relieved to see Gosa...trouble. Actually, we'd quite like to walk back,...

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        • Treble "Cadance" Clef

          Matters Of The Art

          Treble Clef peered around the corner, clutching the jar c...aint puddle - but if all went as planned, she'd be back to her usual brash and artist...he putridly pink Mother Goose was the only one who could bring her passionate painter back...

          • Lilly Teal

            Stories untold

            Celia was having an exceptionally good day. She...drinking too much, and the tables at the back that tended to have the turn to sing, but that didn't mean she couldn't look gorgeous. She liked...wink that made him roll his eyes and grin back,...

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            • Trevor Mallard

              Warm Day

              "Times were simple back then."

              • Trevor Mallard


                "We're going to get in trouble if we're caught. Put the shiny back!"

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                • Darkwing Merduck

                  Darkhoof (Darkwing Centaur)

                  Darkhoof. the king`s royal guard, and knight. once an ordinary duck, Emery Mallard, served as the King`s most belo...ned into a centaur. Angered, he went to seek out this sorceress, to change him back....


                  • Kamkairo

                    Trashyard Tate

                    Full name :: Tate Salvaggi Alias(es) :: Trashyard Tate Age :: 25 Sex / Gender :: Female Species :: Virginia...aining- Model kits- Dumpster diving Description of personality :: - Quite laid-back-...

                    • Kamkairo

                      Inactive / Archived

                      [[ These are characters that are either dead or unavailable in present ti...ut can be used for things such as flashbacks or alternate settings ]] =...were not to be feared, which ended up backfiring= Decided to become the...labaster White hair parted and slicked back-...

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                      • Launchpad McQuack

                        Potsherds (Harmonizer and OC rp)

                        (OOC: I'm blank on ideas so this is kind of a "get to know you" rp, I suppose? Se...t am I going to do?" Tempest ran blindly toward the back room but her foot caught on her to her knees. "Ah!" She yelped. Scrambling back...

                        • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                          All about 'Rektcon'

                          Welcome, friends! If you have reached this page it's because rektcon is now in effect....ton has been pushed, sending a number of characters back to the start of their stories...This is their opportunity to bring their characters back...

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                          • Quackerjack

                            By Quackerjack

                            ((OOC: Hey guys, guess who's back? 8D I just want to apologise for placing QJ on hiatus without even telling anyone. Let's just say it's all Negaduck's fau- I MEAN, depression hits pretty hard and I kinda lost my whackiness for a while. Not to say...More

                            • Quackerjack

                              By Quackerjack

                              @drakemallard A boxing glove on a spring shot out of nowhere, heading straight for the hero. "Back off! This duck is MINE!" Whether or not that hit the spot (heeeee 8D), the demented clown was running forward, scooping up the unconscious Negaduck,...More

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                              • Negaduck

                                RP: Another Lifetime

                                In the middle of St Canard Cemetery, crisp moonlight bounced off the firm round boulders.. atop the entrance way. The city could be heard distantly all around; all the same, it was eerily peaceful. Beautiful, even. The rows and rows of the many who came before stood tall amongst long establis...

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