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    • Negaduck

      Comment on "Sweet Rendezvous (Part 1)"

      ((OOC: Max, check your mail. I've already messaged you a number of times about getting...the general carrying on.  "Ale!" "Bottle o' yer single malt!" "A Four Horsemen!" The drake, whom she had ha...


      • Harmonizer

        Heads Will Roll

        It was a very peaceful, very early morning on All Hallows' Eve. A day most people would anticipate.  Most people who did not have errands on that certain day that spelt impending doom if not completed, at least.  Tak tak tak.  The sound of tapping on the windowsill pierced the r...

        Tags: pumpkin heads, Death, Mother Goose, Victor Screech, ouch me eye, why do you do this, Happy Halloween, this is Halloween, heads of the headless horsemen, RIP MG, horseless bodyless horsemen