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    • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

      Comment on "It was only a matter of time..."

      There was a pause on the other end. Then: "A little to the left please, oooh that's good....use there were no other women currently working under her. "Excellent! It went well, I hope? N...

      • Lilly Teal

        Comment on "Return to sender"

        There were so many cries of encore that it was nearly impossible to leave the stage. eat?" A helpful waiter put in near Malicia. "I hope you've got enough breath in...that when you say things like that I wonder..." "I can kee...

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        • Launchpad McQuack

          Quackerjack's blog: "Fools Gold Rush In"

          RP: Fools Gold Rush InPublished by: QuackerJack on 5th Mar 2015...sibly want to try another St. Canard caper again, not while Dark...try and break in! Why not, I can dream big, can't I?" The thou...the park to a toy store and a candy store to see if he could fi...ething or in school maybe? We can pla...

          • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

            RP: Family Dinner

            [Rated G for general family mush] Reserved for: Harou and Mal Harou has invited Mal to dinner so they can reconnect. Mal reluctantly accepts the invitation, after years of maintaining her distance. Let's hope the first entree isn't accompanied by a side order of drama.

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            • Trevor Mallard

              Nice Suit

              "Oh dear. So nervous. I hope I look alright and dressed appropriately."

              • (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

                Heart-tail lady

                I've been learning to colour!! I hope she likes it. 

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                  A collection of saved RPs from the socialgo Duckverse site, com...f as a new officer, so that he can regain access to the warehous...t out, expresso style. In St. Canard Coffee Drinks YOU - Morgan...Obi wan Piper, You're My Only Hope - After tronsplit Evil-Mal "...e Kamo Network. Of course, you can nev...

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                  • Trevor Mallard

                    By Trevor Mallard

                    "Oh my. I hope no one loses a limb."

                    • Sophie Sarcelle

                      By Sophie Sarcelle

                      "Once again, some young men pulled up next to me in a gigantic truck and wanted to race. Public streets are not meant for racing! I hope they learned their lesson after they nearly collided with the cross traffic. Maybe I should take the car out...More

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                      • James Wolfe

                        Sailin' Smiles

                        ((OOC: Situated after Dangerous Waters. Reserved for William Connor and Amelia Hartshell. Also. I am going to die. RP overload. Halp.))  After finishing the paperwork for Lexi's case and his duties in SHUSH for the day, Agent Connor got ready for dinner. He changed into a casual outfit...

                        Tags: why can't we be frieeennnds~, William Connor, Amelia Hartshell, SHUSH agent, FOWL agent, uh I mean ex, opposites attract, hope we can be fwiends, :3