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    • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

      Comment on "Make New Friends but Keep the Old"

      Lydia wasn't the only person being hard-pressed into a mall visit. "What do you think of this outfit? It's all...emale was toying around on her phone, her eyes concentrating on the screen. "Holy tits Ca...

      • Negaduck

        Comment on "RP: Music to Your Ears"

        The thing was, Negaduck would see her attack incoming. He had launched one on the...e it was going to come as a surprise. Except he was too busy laughing his tailfeathers off at the sight of them scur...

        • Harmonizer

          Comment on "Enter the Herofox [Max Wicked's Prologue]"

          Harmonizer managed to get up early despite the crazy night. Probably her falling Ohhhh. Hope she hadn't woken him up. She stood up, rubbing her bruised tailfeathers before glancing towards the c...

          • Steelbeak/Steelbeak

            Comment on "Just pokin' around"

            "YIPE!" Steelbeak let out a yelp and sprang away just in time with surprising deftness, considering his size. He valued those tailfeathers! And well, his life. The...

            • Trevor Mallard

              Comment on "A Terrible Night to be Cursed..."

              Music played from inside the dark cathedral which was empty since service had long since been over as it was lat...n a few days ago had nearly burned his mouth. But risking exposing himself to holy radianc...

              • Negaduck

                Comment on "Duchess of Disaster"

                "Royal?" Now there was a laugh. "The only thing royal about you is being a royal pain in the tailfeathers!" His sword unsheathed ...

                • Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

                  Comment on "[Finished RP] Invitation to Disaster"

                  "That's Negaduck, all right!" Gosalyn declared.  She crooked a thumb at her adoptive father.  "And this is Darkwing Doubloon!  We found your warning and were coming to kick some major tailfeathers!"

                  • Trevor Mallard

                    Comment on "A Terrible Night to be Cursed..."

                    Trevor blinked as he watched her punch Max. He couldn't understand why she did.  "My name is Trevor Mallard. And that was holy water....

                    • Max Wicked

                      Comment on "A Terrible Night to be Cursed..."

                      As they were about to walk inside, Max did indeed take a whack to the face and yelped...As Max listened to Trevor and heard the mention of holy water, he rubbed his muzzle " hunter? I know a few like you that use anything holy to vanq...

                      • Trevor Mallard

                        Comment on "A Terrible Night to be Cursed..."

                        "I've been doing this for a long time. I can handle it. I rather work alone than put someone in danger. You coul...evor stood up and finished gathering the supplies he needed. Several vials of holy water a...