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    • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

      Character Bio: Malicia Macawber (Retcon Edition)

        Once upon a time, a narcissistic demonness fell in love with a psychopathic supervillain. Together, th...anced strength (passive, innate), magic/sorcery (minor, learned) Weaknesses: Holy water,...

      • Negaduck

        RP: Cruising to Christmas

        Deck the bows with halls of holy! Traversing the calm, cool waters of Calisota was a splendid cruise ship. It was covered with equally splendid (or not so splendid,...

        • Drake Mallard

          [RP] The Devil You Know

          ((OOC: This is an open rp and anyone can join. The end goal is to free Darkwing and send Darkwarrior back to his...ds. "Come. We have work to do. Take this prisoner to the bridge tower."((OOC: Holy novel,...