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    • Negaduck

      The Prison Instruments

      Follow on/side scene to the Portal Instruments. Reserved for Negaduck, Ariana and Morgana Macawber at this stage. Any questions hit me up. Literally is fine. It was dark, stormy night... No, actually, as dramatic as that would have been, it wasn't. A soft spring morning, the breeze rolling pleas...

      Tags: Negaduck, Morgana Macawber, Ariana Macawber, hocus pocus, faraday cage

      • Agent Gemini

        Hatus Pocus (Open RP)

        “Almost through everything for today,” Gemini said out loud to herself as she opened the last crate beside the lab table. She had spent most of her day as SHUSH going through boxes of seized artifacts from various supernatural and not so supernatural events. Just another day of busy w...

        Tags: Agent Gemini, Halloween, Hocus Pocus, Ariana McCawber, Black Arts Beagle