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    • Alex Shoveler

      @Harmonizer "Thanks, but Sophie and I eventually figured it out. It took four hours and a whole bottle of wine, though. Hmm. Say, you're only the second person I've met in St. Canard that can read Japanese. The other person is an acquaintance who works in a government organization."

      • Malicia Macawber

        "Has she learned how to walk in the heels yet? I know it might be a bit challenging for a toddler, but I'm sure she'll be a natural!"

        • Harmonizer

          "Hello person I 'ave never met before! 'Ope we can get along well!"

          • Drake Mallard

            For a brief moment looks like a pool noodle before blowing out air and returning to normal. "Thanks, LP." Sighs deeply while trying to catch his breath. "Who..opened..the sparkly fruitloop out?" Because would like to deck said person responsible right now.

            • Lilly Teal

              (OOC: So many people all up in this site! This is so exciting! HI EVERYONE!!)

              • Treble "Cadance" Clef

                "You want people ta watch, eh? Well, look no further! I'm always open to meetin' a fan."

                • Melody Demeanor

                  Hey St. Canard! Anyone know of good places around here to hang out and people-watch?

                  • Drake Mallard

                    @Launchpad "ABACUS! Not a cussing abbot. It's a device people used to do math with."

                    • Negaduck

                      ((OOC: Back! In small bursts though people. If I owe you please poke me! Non fatally if possible.))

                      • DarkwingPsycho

                        ((OOC: In case people haven't been following, the Dazed blog is opened up to civilians!))