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    • MIllie Barr (a.k.a. Inflatabelle)

      In heavy lifting mode

      I had ta add the harness. I was kinda tired of people fallin' off.

      • Trevor Mallard

        Vampire Lads

        Uh no. I think the boys ran into NegaTrevor in the Negaverse. Trevor: "No! Why?!" nTrevor: "Why not? Bahwahaha!"Julius: "I'm seriously very hungry right now and everyone looks tasty."Six: "I just want to bite people. More."

        • Max Wicked

          The Rise of the Red Knight

          At midnight, a new hero emerges from the darkness to outshine the darkness and be the bane of all evil. He goes by the name of Red Knight...Not many people know who he is, but only those who know him most know who he really is...

          • NegaMalicia

            Hugging my favourite person!

            "HUG TIME! <3"

            • Agent Gemini

              Faustina @ Pirate AU

              Faustina and her sister used to run a small bakery in a port town. While it...isters were protecting them from supernatural and normal pillaging attacks....or their tracking of target sites and people.   The mercenary group...enary group knew the fire wasn't supernatura...

              • Agent Gemini

                The Seer (Gemma) @ Pirate AU

                ...anormal artifacts, places, and people. They found their purchas...exandria memoried in her head. Not only that, she had extensive...ult and could sense other supernatural types. They could use her for...time by the inquisitors and is not even acknowledge as being a person.

                • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                  Thriving in his natural habitat

                  How many times have I told you to stop bathing in the sewers?!