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    • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

      Comment on "Lullaby in the Dark"

      "So you care for your daughter, huh." Interesting, she didn't strike Mal as the motherly type. But instinct was a powerful thing, and it was only natura...r baby vampires have a lot of trouble controlling their natura...

      • Lilly Teal

        Comment on "RP: Idle Worship"

        A big time- He looked at her blankly for a m...t thing, maybe don't go around asking people that. Second thing, no. But i...verage," he grinned. Could an average person make a place like this? Could a regular person manage to find such pretty people? "And what about you, are you...

        • Piper/ Jade

          Comment on "Just Dropping In"

          It was only natural that her reaction was to jump a bit. I mean... she'd...n entire pass on the condo. Had she somehow missed a person...- he'd one upped her and she recognized that. "I try not to take more than I can safely h...

          • Lilly Teal

            Comment on "Spy My Regards"

            Cornelius beamed brighter than the sun at being approached, his...looking at these boxes and I notice that these three brands cl...uld be a little different but not in the way they're being and the one that says 'all natural' is actually less natura...fective nutritional habits cannot ke...

            • Treble "Cadance" Clef

              Comment on "Rhythm and Crime"

              "Fine then!" Treble frowned, looking at the c...n the front!" she pointed to a random person standing boredly in the front..."You ready to ROCK?" "Eh, nah." the person shrugged, looking around. "Ca...get on with the show already?" A few people around him muttered in agreem...

              • Harmonizer

                Comment on "Enter the Herofox [Max Wicked's Prologue]"

                ...imefighting career to believe in another dimension existing. Still...asking if he was on low caffiene. People loved their coffee, and they w...never understood why.  This person knew what coffee was, th...upervillains, evil organisations, natural disasters, and pollution."...

                • Lilly Teal

                  Comment on "Boast Writer"

                  ..."Madam, these are the finest natural red ros-" Aaand there he...graceful arc over his finest natural red roses. The Queen did not seem particularly interested in h...len over her eyes as she laid people out right, left and centre what, to her mind, was her personal rose garden. "Off with you...

                  • Red Nova

                    Comment on "What A Wonderful Town!"

                    "Heh...well over in St. Canard...things are a little bit different. Qu...ite frankly, it's a mess over there. People...uite considerably red still. "I'm...not a good person. You should know that, just b...d of place this is...or what kind of person you are. A-and you don't know...

                    • Max Wicked

                      Comment on "One Good Laugh Ought to Do It!"

                      Max turned around and saw Harmonizer and smiled "Just the person I wanted to see..." he said as he was abo...around as he saw the emotionless grinning people and stood back but then heard...rwing...Just what was going on with these people...? Something just didn't see...

                      • Max Wicked

                        Comment on "A hero returns"

                        R.K's ears twitch and he turns to the source...e giant lego pieces can only mean one person is behind that...It must be t...s you can send them away and help get people to safety. How about it? I't afford to let Q.J harm all those people."