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      About: Anastasia, alias the superhero Harmonizer, has a considerable amount of power over music. By using any musical instrument, (she uses a harmonica, hence the name) she can make anyone who...


      • Max Wicked

        Comment on "Harmonizer Wanted"

        ...sed and Max would surely find a way to clear Harmonizer's name...Even if it meant he...All Max could do was try to fight sense into Harmonizer until she could tell him what...there was no home to go to) without helping Harmonizer. For good or for worse....

        • Max Wicked

          Comment on "Harmonizer Wanted"

          ...ighed and shook his head as he knew that he couldn't talk Harmonizer out of it. But then Max looked at Harmonizer "...You'd really have to be s...issue is that Max would be the one to sustain injuries if Harmonizer managed to go above and beyon...

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          • Harmonizer

            A Wish and an Arrow

            ((OOC: RP reserved for Harmonizer and Quiverwing Quack.)) Harmonizer sat on the rooftop of a building, glumly watching the city of it. And she did not feel very comfortable being seen as Harmonizer right now.  She had to...

            • Harmonizer

              Powers Clash

              Harmonizer had been hanging around a quieter part of town, looking bored out of her More screams and crashes. Then it sounded like a fight was breaking out. Harmonizer was too far and did not dare...

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              • Launchpad McQuack

                Potsherds (Harmonizer and OC rp)

                (OOC: I'm blank on ideas so this is kind of a "get to know you" rp, I suppose? Send me a message if you have an idea for making it more interesting. XD )   No...

                • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                  Roleplay Archives

                  ...ging: Negaduck's soul. Piper/Jade finds herself playing an incredibly irritating game of charades with Malicia.  Music to Your Ears - Harmonizer and Max Wicked encounter the...

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                  • Rebarka Sterling

                    By Rebarka Sterling

                    "THIS JUST IN! HARMONIZER CONFESSES! 'I've been in the.. fraud ...journalism biz.' How low will she sink! Harmonizer if your'e reading this, we're all very worried about you. Please seek help." @Harmonizer

                    • Agent Carol Torres

                      By Agent Carol Torres

                      “He does?” Carol perked her ears.
                      Of course he would. The director had told her several times that she should take some time off before she took on the added responsibility of supervising Harmonizer and opening her home to her....More

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                      • Harmonizer

                        Music trouble

                        Just one of those typical days, chasing the typical criminal down the street. Harmonizer was just catching up to him when, in a moment of desperation, the thug did a left and dodged into a store.  Harmonizer reacted quickly with a little smirk on her bill, spinning on her hee...

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                        • QuackerJack

                          Harmonizer: The Comic!

                          For Harmonizer, art by me. :3 Also contained Nigel and a special guest!

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