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    • Lilly Teal

      Comment on "Midday Strolls"

      "Buying food." Holding up the bags between them as half proof, half barrier. "And I'm quite done and your problem looks solved, I'm sure you've very busy so I'll just-" She made to step away, the first of many if she could get away with it.

      • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

        Comment on "RP: Family Dinner"

        "Not going to tackle me this time, are you?" Half-teasing, half-serious. She allowed him to take the bags and stepped inside, glancing around. "I am." She said in response to Harou. "And where is my little Cassi?"

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        • Lilly Teal

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          ...t. Kind, bubbly, and a magnet for trouble, Lilly runs a little bookshop downtown. Stop by for snacks, a ch...he sells weapons on the black market. He can, and will, break people in half, very politely. That aside he is...

          • Lilly Teal

            Banking on it.

            (OOC: Temporarily reserved for Lilly and Negaduck. Negaduck will open things up as things escalate.) Objectively...o cook something new. The trouble with new things is that you might only have half the...

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            • DarkwingPsycho


              Jacob "happens" to come across Piper downtown. These two.  <3


              • Sophie Sarcelle

                The Old Condo

                Sophie's first condo in downtown St. Canard overlooking the Audubon Bay Bridge and the waterfront.  After meeting Alex and becoming a SHUSH agent, both Alex and Sophie left their original homes and moved into a new condo closer to SHUSH headquarters.

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                • Alex Shoveler

                  By Alex Shoveler

                  @ Trevor Mallard "Jeez. Sounds like you had as bad of a time as I had. What I don't get is why everyone has to go and decorate their own tree when there's a gigantic Christmas tree on display right outside the Rockefeather Center here in downtown...More

                  • Alex Shoveler

                    By Alex Shoveler

                    "Huh, looks like there's a lounge bar in downtown that's hosting a disco music-themed dance party tonight. Could be a lot of fun!" Starts stretching and practicing some 'Saturday Night' John Travolta dance moves.

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                    • Negaduck

                      RP: Cupid is as Cupid Does

                      ((Reserved for those who have been hit. Spectators welcome, just drop me a note first. No posting order, have at him!)) CRACK. Negaduck had been knocked out of the sky by one angry blood witch, colliding with a floral Valentine's Day display that wilted on contact. With no help to correct, all...

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