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      You're All Being Childish

      Gyro felt an immense sense of relief. After nearly three years of testing, re-testing, working out the bugs - he finally had an invention that would be of great benefit to the world as a whole. In fact, he was pretty sure he was going to get a Nobel Prize for this.Even Mr. McDuck and the Board ha...

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        The Proof is in the Presentation

         "I have more than just one point, actually, because I'm a genius. In fact, hold on right there. Let me get a presentation board, so I can show you all of the reasons why drawing easy to follow diagrams is stupid." - Tweet from GeniusontheLoose, 1 hour agoOn one particular rooftop where one ...

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          Scientific Self-Defense

          As soon as Gyro had finished the little metal backpack he'd been working on, he held it aloft. "BEHOLD! The ultimate personal security system! The Get-Back-Pack!" Absolutely, no one said anything, and Gyro found a moment where he was wondering where his interns were. He paused and seemed a bit ho...

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            Genius Begets Genius

            Gyro burst through the door with a small jar which appeared to have something very much like gummy candies inside them, a file of notes, and a dry erase marker. "All right, dum-dums, listen up because after today I don't want to hear anymore STUPID questions from any of you." He'd turned his...

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              Gift Drop

              Gyro Gearloose was feeling quite pleased with himself. It had taken a lot of hard work (including nearly getting Duckburg overrun with giant spiders, discovering a new element and a new dimension at the same time, inventing a new kind of laser gun, and learning how to sew while using said laser g...

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                Popping Bubbles

                Gyro broke away from his computer and began gearing up for an encounter with the idiot who had dared to insult his intelligence. He had NO idea who he was dealing with. He was Gyro Gearloose! Gyro the Genius! Gyro the Unconquerable! Gyro-He paused and wondered a moment if maybe, just maybe, he wa...

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                  Can't Read the Room

                  Gyro was, in a word, drained and not particularly up to talking to another person. He tended to have a one-person minimum limit in his day-to-day socializing, and he'd already far exceeded that with having a board meeting with Mr. McDuck and those stupid vultures, repairing a malfunctioning gizmo...

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                    History Mystery

                    It was not every day one saw Mr. McDuck's head scientist out in the open, so far from his lab. Nor was it every day a tub would be parked in front of a bookshop on the sidewalk prominently blocking the display of one Lilly Teal's bookstore. And then, of course, there was also the fact that Gyro w...

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                      Mechanized Madness

                      Another day, another invention turned sentient and evil. The ICSM2 was built to make and serve ice cream more effectively, efficiently, and cheaply than any single person or invention could, and it did its job well. But it'd immediately become convinced its purpose was to terrorize the world...

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                        Ionic Bonding at the Club

                        There was a very limited number of locations Gyro had been to within Duckburg despite being a resident of the town for a little over a decade. This was all due to the fact that Gyro seldom, if ever, left the lab. One might even be able to say he lived in the lab, if only because nobody ever reall...

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