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    • Piper/ Jade

      It was only a matter of time...

      ((OOC: Reserved for Jade and Malicia))I hate gravity. It was true… in all her years...d her falling head first towards the ground. Luckily her back...l phone. And that was when gravity reared its ugly head again....

      • Scarlet

        Scarlet Profile

        Name: Scarlet Featherfan Alias: None Species: Duck executive. Relationships: Piper Lee (Aka, Jade.) (enemies) Malicia (friend with benefits) Lilly Teal...

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        • Darkwing Merduck

          Darkhoof (Darkwing Centaur)

          Darkhoof. the king`s royal guard, and knight. once an ordinary duck, Emery Mallard, served as...en turned into a centaur. Angered, he went to seek out this sorceress, to change him back....


          • Kamkairo

            Trashyard Tate

            Full name :: Tate Salvaggi Alias(es) :: Trashyard Tate Age :: 25 Sex / Gender :: Female...- Bargaining- Model kits- Dumpster diving Description of personality :: - Quite laid-back-...

            • Kamkairo

              Inactive / Archived

              [[ These are characters that are either dead or unavailable in used for things such as flashbacks or alternate settings ]] =...ion of personality :: - Highly intelli...not to be feared, which ended up backfiring= Decided to become White hair parted and slicked back-...

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              • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                Site Rules

                Please read the FAQs page as well!   Before you can register an...shape or form. This means their species, backsto...ultiples:    There is no rule against doubling up on characters...eady a multiple, please try not to "piggy-back"...

                • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                  Roleplay Archives

                  ...hrough his chest). No Coming Back From This - Mal is going to show...e discovery that Mal is, once again, pregnant, the Fearsome Four th...tire Duckverse has been reset back...gaduck gets his coffee fix at Lilly's bookstore which inevitably l...Malicia become more than just friends.   

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                  • Lilly Teal

                    Return from whence you came

                    Coming back to St. Canard was probably the stupidest decision Lilly had made in a long while. In five years, in fact. For those years it had seemed as if the frequency of her ill-advised decisions had dropped to almost nothing. Perhaps being so safe had made her forget to be cautious. But then, ...