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    • Harmonizer

      Funky Luck

      ((OOC: RP reserved for Gladstone Gander and Harmonizer.))  During the night when she was allowed out to fight crime, Harmonizer decided to take to the more dangerous part of the city this time before doing her usual nightly run. There had been recent reports of people going missing in that ...

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      • Mother Goose

        Wicked Witch of the Beats

        Mother Goose was positively giddy with excitement. It was finally opening weekend for St Canard Cultural Museum and she had big plans for their newest exhibit, ‘The Wonderful World of Oz’. Not only would the event opening be a fairytale delight, with a live “munchkin” band...

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        • Mother Goose

          Once Upon a Scheme

          Ah, there is nothing nicer than a nap in your comfortable bed, in your comfortable room, in your comfortable house… yes, everything was going nicely for the luckiest goose in the world, Gladstone Gander…BANG!! Crash! Glitter!“Oooh, oowowow… I’ve got to work on the...

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          • Lilly Teal

            Ace of clubs

            Oz had been so grateful, so pleased by Gladstone's daring rescue at the gala, that he was only too happy to pay him back by taking the spotlight away from him. Not that it was exactly a chore, it was a complete pleasure. So perhaps he felt he hadn't paid him back, not really. And that may h...

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            • Gladstone Gander

              It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Crime-mas

              Grunning’s department store had started to notice that their holiday displays were always a draw for the tourists with all that fabulous money in their pockets.  And through the power of <strike>commercialism</strike>-er-Christmas that money magically transferred from their...

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              • Gladstone Gander

                I Left my Heart in Hamunaptra

                For some people getting a phone call from the guy you were dating asking if your second date could be a destination affair might be odd but for Lilly it wouldn’t have been the strangest thing Gladstone had sprung on her. There was a little errand his Uncle had asked him to take care of (as ...

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                • Gladstone Gander

                  RP: From Russia with Luck

                  There were so few nice neighborhoods in St Canard but this was one of them. Row upon row of pristine, elegant homes with manicured lawns. Nothing too showy mind you, just sophisticated. Showy and gaudy belonged elsewhere thank you very much, so when one Saturday in the late afternoon a bright gre...

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                  • Gladstone Gander

                    If Momma Was Married

                    ((OOC: Reserved for Ma and Gladstone until it's time for Scrooge intervention. So sorry Unc, does this mean he's out of the will again?))    Gladstone was not sure why he was doing this.  After a bit of back and forth with “HotMama123” on he h...

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                    • Gladstone Gander

                      Lucky Little Snow Angel

                      The streets were a mess and only getting worse.  The city had called a state of emergency forcing businesses to close and public transportation to come to a screeching halt. While this was a smart move on the whole it did leave some people stranded.  The bitter wind cut to the bone, sno...

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                      • Agent Carol Torres

                        Viva Paris

                        Carol studied the maps of the airports, Paris, and the hotel she had booked accommodations at as she waited for boarding to begin. She knew when and where the concert was being held but not how to get to it. She’d looked up fares for the city bus, taxis, rent a cars, rent a bicycle, train, ...

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