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    • Negaduck's Biggest Stan

      Negaduck's Biggest Stan

      About: ...ot Admit” at most of the major casionos.   No lucky charms required, Gladstone was born under a lucky sign a...the least (just ask his cousin Donald).  So if you want to chat with Gladstone,  step right up, try your luc...

      • Ludwig Von Drake

        Ludwig Von Drake

        About: or helping his friends, he can be found in his lab, experimenting or working on inventions.  He also used to be an adoptive father figure to Gladstone Gander. 

        • Duck Avenger

          Duck Avenger

          About: ...r, John Quackett, who was a famous gentleman thief and vigilante known as Fantomallard. Wanting to seek revenge over his two biggest grievances, Gladstone Gander and Uncle Scrooge, he...