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    • Mother Goose

      Sing Crackshells All in a Row

      Finally, finally, the weather was changing and spring was starting to win the fight for St. Canard. Nothing but sweet sunshine and warm breezes ahead. Mother Goose sighed happily. Spring was simply the most wonderful time of the year.  In fact, the only thing missing were flowers, and Mothe...

      Tags: mother goose, gizmoduck, lets get romantic, a knight in shining tinfoil, no merit badge in crimefighting, crackshells

      • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

        RP: Burning Over a New Leaf

        Reserved for: Malicia and Gizmoduck It has been a month since Mal's plug-possessed rampage on St. Canard, which also ended her romantic entanglement with St. Canard's self-proclaimed hero, Darkwing Duck. After several weeks of post-magical hangover, Mal has risen from the ashes like a parti...

        Tags: malicia, gizmoduck, what could possibly go wrong, The Gizmo D

        • Launchpad McQuack

          Old McDucky Had A Cow (may be retitled later)

          Normally a trip to Duckburg would be a happy walk down nostalgia lane, filled with excitement and anticipation at seeing old friends and family members. But Happy "catching up with friends" times were not in the projected future for the three drakes driving there now in a blue station wagon. Aft...

          Tags: Gizmoduck, Fenton Crackshell, Gyro Gearloose?, Scrooge McDuck, Cassowary virus repairs, Drake Mallard, thisisgonnabefun

          • (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

            Spot of tea?

            Gosalyn hummed happily to herself as she put the finishing touches on her tea party. She had booked a room in a cafe for a discount and had it decorated herself. Now, the room was covered in various shades of pink and sparkled with glitter. Laced cloth hung on the white chairs, and a striped maro...

            Tags: tea party, NegaGos, Gizmoduck, Quiverwing Duck, Darkwing Duck, aaaawkwarddd, how long will this last, play nice

            • GizmoDuck

              Clues and Reviews

              Fenton really needed this. The mallard sat on a park bench massaging his forehead lightly with his fingertips as he waited.  The last month had been, to put it lightly, rough. He'd been through a devastating break up, thrown himself completely into his work to distract himself, been kid...

              Tags: Ariana McCawber, Fenton Crackshell, Gizmoduck, Scavenger Hunt of Doom, Did I say 'Doom'?, I mean ZOOM, like how fast they're going to finish it

              • GizmoDuck

                Super meet Nova

                Gizmoduck was on patrol.  Which for most of the city’s heroes would have meant stealth and sneaking along the rooftops and shadows to get the drop on crime.  But for Gizmoduck it meant rolling down the sidewalk in broad daylight signing autographs and kissing the occasional presen...

                Tags: Red Nova, Gizmoduck, Tick Tick Boom, Knock off all that Evil

                • Angel McDrake

                  Gizmoduck magnet

                  Gizmoduck magnet I made using a blank magnet and a Gizmoduck decal from shop Panic Driven Gaming on Etsy.

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                  • GizmoDuck

                    Interdimensional Intimacy Intervention

                    ((OOC: Reserved for the happy couple,  the mad couple, and the couple counselor  at the moment might open it up as it progresses))   Gizmoduck had extended an invitation to Darkwing Duck and Quiverwing Duck out of pure, overly eager (and unrequested) helpfulness.  This whole...

                    Tags: GizmoDuck, Quiverwing Duck, Drake Mallard, Quackerjack, Just-Quackerjack, wedding planning, er I mean intervention

                    • GizmoDuck

                      Complimentary Chatter

                      It was an unseasonably warm day in St. Canard, more like spring than winter.  Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth Gladstone Gander had decided to take his main squeeze out for a stroll.  Everything was going lovely, they were having a delightful chat, laughing to each other, just ...

                      Tags: Lilly Teal, GizmoDuck, Gladstone Gander, Fight nice, Complimentary compliments, Mind your P's and Q's, Well aren't they just the nicest