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    • Torque

      Drunk Flirting

      Drawn by FinnishVampire.  Wrench, the sphinx cat is also her OC.

      Tags: torque, rabbit, bunny, evil, villain, mechanic, flirting, girls, wrench, ocs, females, cat

      • Piper/ Jade

        Let the game begin...

        (( reserved for Jade and Jacob)) Roughly a month later, to the day, on a quiet night when SHUSH janitors finally chased out the last few late night people Jacob would be in for a surprise. If gut churning panic could be compared to surprise. His lovely Jag, the one he had foolishly let a prett...

        Tags: jade, Jacob, flirting, notthecar

        • Misunderstood Scientist

          Ionic Bonding at the Club

          There was a very limited number of locations Gyro had been to within Duckburg despite being a resident of the town for a little over a decade. This was all due to the fact that Gyro seldom, if ever, left the lab. One might even be able to say he lived in the lab, if only because nobody ever reall...

          Tags: ozymandias, gyro gearloose, fried chicken, flirting, flustering, annoying