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    • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

      Comment on "Return to sender"

      Even the demonness herself was enraptured by the woman on stage, whose voice seemed to reach straight inside her and yank...nship had become, especially after their beach vacation. Lilly had made an effort to keep in touch over the years...

      • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

        Comment on "RP: ...And Scarlet Makes Three"

        "I've been wading in that proverbial hot tub for years, my dear." Running her claws through her own hair thoughtfully. "He's not some sort of bleeding-heart Boyscout I hope." I...

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        • Piper/ Jade

          It was only a matter of time...

          ((OOC: Reserved for Jade and Malicia))I hate gravity. It was true… in all her years as a thief, Jade's worst ene...her pride was concerned. She shifted a bit, trying to reach...

          • Launchpad McQuack

            To SHUSH or Not To SHUSH

            To SHUSH or not to SHUSHPublished by:...g looked and sounded like any other facility, with employees busi...rinth of cubicles until they reached the opposite side of the floo...think the problem was worth bothering them with. He had no idea...he top of the parking garage bother him.Alex Shovelerby Alex Shov...

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            • DarkwingPsycho


              A sketch I did a few years back of Ariana in the Labyrinth ball gown.  Still one of my favorites.  <3

              • DarkwingPsycho

                After All These Years

                Based on "Welcome to the Freak Show" - Ariana and Thaddeus Maldrake meet again after years.  Look out, Ari, he's not all he seems...


                • Darkwing Merduck

                  Darkhoof (Darkwing Centaur)

                  Darkhoof. the king`s royal guard, and knight. once an ordinary duck, Emery Mallard, served...e one of them he`d have to kill. saddened, he decided to remain a centaur. Through the years...


                  • Kamkairo

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                    [[ These are characters that are either dead or...oquelicot (father)- Flannery Coquelicot (mothe...taking delight in the torment and fear of others Has a Negaverse counterpart...eared on August 26th, 1892, declared dead years later Has a Negaverse counte...

                    • Kamkairo

                      Kacia Salucci-Hooter

                      Full name :: Kacia Salucci-Hooter Alias(es) ::...:: - J. Gander Hooter (father)- Unnamed mothe...emely pessimistic- Too much optimism from others makes her angry- Brutish Ha...amily stayed together until she was three years old when her mother divorced...

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                        ...ver their counterparts from another universe are wandering the ci...s in her favour. Negs, on the other...NegaVampires and NegaHarou. Five-Years Later... After Negaduck's u...But a lot has changed in his five-year absence... and Negs himse...for Duckverse is pressed. Another Lifetime - Mal experiences th...

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                          All about 'Rektcon'

                          Welcome, friends! If you have reached th...rse's first site-wide retcon. In other...roleplaying on Duckverse for 1+ years have built up a lot of chara...ed by long-time members over the years, some newer members arrived a...ddle of roleplaying a scene with other characters!" That's totall...

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                          • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                            @trevormallard Blank stare. Then she burst out laughing. "What are you talking about?! I was the one who grew tired and tossed you aside! There was no 'scorning' to be had! The years have twisted your memory haven't they?"

                            • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                              @trevormallard "Have you been smoking drugs over the past few years? You were completely under my control because of that ancient spell, you were doing literally everything I wanted. I grew bored of your existence and booted your pinfeathers to the...More

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                              • Lilly Teal

                                Attempted interactions

                                (OOC: Reserved for Lilly Teal and Carmine Field.) "So..." Lilly shifted a little from foot to foot. First to break the horribly uncomfortable silence. Carmine could choose to take that as a positive point if he wanted, that he would not break under attempts to stare him into giving him informat...

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