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      It's a Honeypot, Not the Jackpot

      She walked into the luxury casino like she owned the place, purposeful steps, the head of security (a hefty dog man wearing sunglasses even though he didn't need to be doing so) meeting her and whispering something to her. She flashed a smile in his direction, looking into his eyes and speaking a...

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      • Feathers Galore

        Party Girls

        It wasn't that Feathers didn't wear casual wear; it was more that she preferred elegant, expensive formal wear. It tended to give off an impression that she was living the high life, a goddess among mortals, like she was simply gracing others with her presence. That being said, she was perfectly ...

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          Dame Game

          Well, Feathers could hardly blame him for being drawn in so quickly. Jacob Mallard might have been a highly experienced agent, but she was quite the talented honeypot and had looks that could kill. In fact, she was pretty sure she'd given an old man a heart attack once and she hadn't even me...

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            Birds of a Feather

            Feathers was dressed to kill. Literally and metaphorically. One could never be too careful when meeting with another FOWL agent. Sure, more often than not, things went amicably, but trust was a difficult thing to cultivate between spies working for the same evil organization. Backstabbing was pro...

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              Sweet as Spy

              One stray bullet, and it'd be all over for one Miss Feathers Galore - clad in her back cat-suit, a pair of infrared and magnification goggles, her hair dyed jet black. After the Kiss of Death she'd given their colleague, they were probably both hoping to end her right now on this rooftop and take...

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