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    • DarkwingPsycho

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      ...her head. She balled up her tiny fists and narrowed her eyes.  "Don't you 'sweetheart' me!" she cried angrily.  "You LEFT us in that Faraday cage and had no intention of comin...

      • Gladstone Gander

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        Unable to do anything else Gladstone had just laid down in his dark cage, his head on the cushion. He...onistic tone he'd used before, maybe not seeing the cage was helping.  He felt pr...

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        • Crimson Cowl

          Transcript of John Doe's interview

          Transcript: John Doe psychological interview 1, Dr J. Argon, Duckburg Physchological W...d, correct? John: Yeah, had to plea insanity...then they put me in this loony cage. Dr.J: You claim to this day...

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          • Negaduck

            By Negaduck

            "Sure. Here." And one cage door open later, Quacky would get his whackiness back.. in the form of a wild raccoon. To the face.


            • Negaduck

              The Prison Instruments

              Follow on/side scene to the Portal Instruments. Reserved for Negaduck, Ariana and Morgana Macawber at this stage. Any questions hit me up. Literally is fine. It was dark, stormy night... No, actually, as dramatic as that would have been, it wasn't. A soft spring morning, the breeze rolling pleas...

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