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    • Drake Mallard

      Drake Mallard

      About: ...ght to prison! Name: Darkwarrior DuckAlias: Drake Mallard"I am the terror that hunts in the night!"   As much as I hate to admit it, but this devil of a duck is from a very dark...

      • Reynard Lowkey

        Reynard Lowkey

        About: One of F.O.W.L.'s many field agents, you'll find him (or not if he does his job right) running about performing all manner of dastardly deeds and evil enterprises. But at least he'll do it with a smile!  

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        • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

          Comment on "RP: ...And Scarlet Makes Three"

          "I..." She paused. "Not necessarily. I have enemies. The reason I wanted you to take her on full-time was to reduce the risks." Not to mention, it was hard to balance parenting with evil plotting. "The portal will only be temporary." She insisted.

          • Piper/ Jade

            Comment on "Make New Friends but Keep the Old"

            ...guessing-game was interrupted by the sound of a glorious clamor and her friend's distressed cry. "Ohmigosh are you okay?!" She asked, moving said, evil chair aside to kneel dow...

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            • Launchpad McQuack

              Quackerjack's blog: "Fools Gold Rush In"

              ...e and nibbled on it with a fork ever slowly, rolling his eyes at the pilot. "Teddy bears, huh?" the clown retorted, "Didja remember to flip their 'Evil' Switch to 'Good'? HaHAAoooh...

              • MIllie Barr (a.k.a. Inflatabelle)

                Character Bio (Circa Retcon)

       forget that she’s the world's lamest super-freak. She sees no value to her abilities and has given up on trying to utilize her powers for good, evil or otherwise. History: As c...

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                • Drake Mallard

                  Most Feared Pirate Ever

                  "Legend say he was t' most feared savvy pirate that ever sailed t' seas in a pink poofy frilly dress."((OOC: I'm evil. lol))

                  • Max Wicked

                    The Rise of the Red Knight

                    At midnight, a new hero emerges from the darkness to outshine the darkness and be the bane of all evil. He goes by the name of Red Knight...Not many people know who he is, but only those who know him most know who he really is...


                    • Darkwing Merduck

                      Darkhoof (Darkwing Centaur)

                      ...dinary duck, Emery Mallard, served as the King`s most beloved royal guard. he also served as a knight, and fuaght off many invaders. but one day an evil sorceress came, and threatene...


                      • Kamkairo

                        What is a Shadowraith?

                        ...nding on the abilities of their host. Example: Darkwing and Negaduck are practically equal in terms of strength and skill, though Negaduck’s evil nature may be a bit of an adv...

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                          ...Puck, LP, and DW jump in to try to save the young mallard and stop their evil plans. The Bean Me Up Saga...d walkway. Help me Obi wan Piper, You're My Only Hope - After tronsplit Evil-Mal "deals" with Negaduck, it...

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                          • Drake Mallard

                            By Drake Mallard

                            "So many villains. So little of me. The pool of evil has turned into a flood."

                            • Drake Mallard

                              By Drake Mallard

                              "Why do I need to do anything when you apparently already have broken Negaduck, @Grizzlikoff?" Then ignoring about waiting till he got home, he took the allergy pill. "Thanks @Carol. That shall help." Now attention focused on the malfunctioning...More

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                              • Torque


                                Tags: torque, rabbit, bunny, evil, villain, kiyana, mechanic

                                • Torque


                                  Drawn by FrothingLizard

                                  Tags: torque, rabbit, bunny, evil, villain, mechanic, human

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