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    • Sophie Sarcelle

      Comment on "Trader Sam's Tiki Bar"

      Sophie took a quick sip of her drink and smiled that it had warmed her stomach up.  "Yes, that's right.  Launchpad was telling me all about his adventures and responsibilities as a sid...

      • Launchpad McQuack

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        Launchpad chuckled. "I could make the same promise." He picked out four appetizers...s.)   As they waited for their food, Launchpad quipped about one of his adventures that the restaurant's theme r...

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        • Launchpad McQuack

          To SHUSH or Not To SHUSH

          To SHUSH or not to SHUSHPublished by: Launchpad on 4th...mes." Since he was in S.H.U.S.H., and many of his adventures had been published in news re.... "That's amazing! You must have had some exciting adventures during your travels." She des...

          • Launchpad McQuack

            Quackerjack's blog: "Fools Gold Rush In"

            RP: Fools Gold Rush InPublished by: QuackerJack on the best option, though certainly in all his adventures as far as he'd heard about, the best option, though certainly in all his adventures as far as he'd heard about, t...

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            • Max Wicked

              Introducing: Max's Skyblaze!

              Skyblaze is a bi-plane Max had inherited from his father after his death and once M...e uses it like his father did and ventures into various areas in search of new adventures...Art by   Wolfypup...

              • Max Wicked

                Future Max

                This is how Max is foreseen in the future when his sword is complete and he's experienced countless battles and adventures and faced the strongest scour...


                • Agent Gemini

                  Gemini's Sinder Profile

                  I'm not looking for dating at the moment though. Swipe right if you want to go on adventures instead!    ((Art by Emily L'Orange. It is a parody of this right here. ))

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                  • Rebarka Sterling

                    By Rebarka Sterling

                    DOWN TO CLOWN?! Red Nova, resident heart breaker has kicked Negs to the curb and is now jingling some new bells. And I'm not talkin' Jolly old Saint Nick! Quackerjack and Red Nova have been reportedly "teaming up" in epic fashion. "But Barky" I...More


                    • Lilly Teal

                      Stories untold

                      Celia was having an exceptionally good day. She hadn't had to throw anyone out, for one. All the patrons that had come in today were on their best behaviour, nobody was drinking too much, and the tables at the back that tended to have the more shady customers that they were supposed to ignore, we...

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