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    • Piper/ Jade

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      Jade 'eeped' when the power went out. Oh God, PLEASE do no...he kind of knew better than to do that in front of Malicia. As Piper, she had been off all store alarms on the block. She watched Malicia approach, wondering if she wo...

      • Piper/ Jade

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        ...away with a good prize." She tried to follow Malicia, but the harness would not her own discretion. It wasn't long before Malicia was out of her sight. She wen...nst someone who was more powerful. She wasn't Darkwing. She didn't fancy scrapping...

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        • Piper/ Jade

          It was only a matter of time...

          ((OOC: Reserved for Jade and Malicia))I hate gravity. It was true… in all her years as a thief, Jade's worst enemy was not bullets, security systems, or cops. It was gravity....

          • Scarlet

            Scarlet Profile

            Name: Scarlet Featherfan Alias: None Species: Duck Astrologica...Magazine executive. Relationships: Piper Lee (Aka, Jade.) (enemies) Malicia (friend with benefits) Lil...

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            • Launchpad McQuack

              Photos of Launchpad

              A gallery of pictures of Launchpad McQuack from episodes of Darkwing Duck (like U.F. Foed and Darkly Dawns the Duck) and episodes of Ducktales like Top Duck. 

              • Darkwing Merduck

                Aleki Darkwing

                Aleki! that`s me!! I`m an extraterestrial. also a clone.. though I look like Darkwing Duck, I`m only genetically like him. Most of my DNA comes from a barbarian warrior species called a Quint...

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                • Kamkairo

                  Inactive / Archived

                  [[ These are characters that are either dead or unavailable in present times but can be used for things such as flas...Yes Status ::Bled to death from accidental stab wound inflicted by vigilante Darkwin...

                  • Kamkairo

                    What is a Shadowraith?

                    WHAT IS A SHADOWRAITH? (aka What are Malvolius and Thade?) A Shadowraith is an elem...epending on the abilities of their host. Example: Darkwing and Negaduck are practically...ality remains intact, she will refuse to bind with Darkwin...

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                      Please read the FAQs page as well!   Before you can register a...isney Duckverse (i.e., DuckTales and Darkwing) are currently permitted unle...type of toon physics that happens in Darkwing Duck, can happen in the rolep...hich defies the laws of physics, and Darkwin...

                      • Queen Malicia of St. Canard


                        ...e? The present administrator is Malicia, also known as Miss-Mal. The o...entually passed the site over to Malicia. Nemzit is an assistant admin...2007, a number of players in the Darkwing/DuckTales fandom were using...niverse (primarily DuckTales and Darkwing Duck). If you have a fan cha...

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                      • Malicia's Warehouse

                        Malicia's Warehouse

                        Enter if you dare... or if you have alcohol.

                      • Darkwing Tower

                        Darkwing Tower

                        At the top of the Audubon Bay Bridge, is the secret hide out of Darkwing Duck. From our hero watches the city for crime as well as a place to keep all of his nifty crime fighting gadgets. All allies are welcome but evildoers beware! Of course you could join too. But keep your hands to yourself!


                        • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                          RP: Heroes with Demons

                          Reserved for: Darkwing and Malicia. Ah, retail therapy. Could there be anything more rewarding than an evening in St. Canard's Shopping District, where shoes (with pairs intact) were a-plenty, and retailers had grown wise enough to stock clothing in her 'unique' size.  Malicia needed ...

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