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    • Just Quackerjack

      Comment on "Interdimensional Intimacy Intervention"

      QJ looked at the now-psychotic double wreaking havoc on the table, then turned to the pastel version of themselves trying to escape. This was pretty crazy, all right - but not the kind of crazy t...

      • Negaduck

        Comment on "Duchess of Disaster"

        He might have that crazy look in his eye, but those attacking pirates had that crazy look in their everything.  "YAAAARRRRGGGHHHH!" And stacks on Doubloon it was. For a four somehow supe...

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        • Lilly Teal

          Sweet dreams and sweet schemes

          (OOC: Reserved for Lilly, Matthew, and Piper.) The Halden house was an impressive affair, secure in its own statelyness without being needlessly gaudy and flashy. It...

          • J. Gander Hooter

            S.H.U.S.H. Daycare Central

            It was one of these days that just feels like it's a little too quiet for your taste. Hooter was at able to RP this once or twice a day. And yes, I'm very aware how crazy this looks, but hey, the show was crazy a...

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            • Quackerjack

              Quackerjack gets married

              ((OOC: FEEL FREE TO JOIN IN WITHOUT ASKING. 8DD I NEED MORE QUACKERJACK RPS IN MY LIFE.))  The streets of St Canard had been noticeably quiet recently. Not to say there wasn't the occasional crime committed by the occasional supervillain, but without the insane clown laughing maniacally and...

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