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    • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

      Comment on "RP: Red Pickled Herrings"

      Eye-twitch. What was with these Normals and their puns?! "I was collecting empty jars for a personal project. Then he came out of nowhere and attacked me!" Among other things, but let's not get into the details. "And what kind of sibling is he, trying to murder you all the time?!"

      • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

        Comment on "RP: Coven Get It"

        She took a swipe at him and missed, losing her footing in the process. Like the mighty oak, she came crashing down to the ground, hard. Down but not out, it was her turn to try and make a grab for one of his legs. "Your puns are as bad as your taste in fashion!"

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        • Negaduck

          RP: Opposites Attacked

          ((OOC: Continuing on from From Bad to Wurst. Will try to be good but may get nasty re sexual references/violence so off the gateway so he could stop messing their stuff up. Neither was an outcome...

          • Negaduck

            RP: Razed from the Dead

            Following on from, uh, everything. Reserved for Mother Goose, Quiverwing Duck, Ariana...ed M for extreme - if cartoony - violence, disfigurement and excessive arm puns. Some months after a maker m...

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            • Queen Malicia of St. Canard


               "You heard it here, folks. Straight from the donkey's mouth!"


              • MIllie Barr (a.k.a. Inflatabelle)

                My Ugly Face

                Make jokes if you're gonna. I've heard them all.

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                  Roleplay Archives

                  A collection of saved RPs from the socialgo Duckverse site, compiled...ouncil. In the meantime, Negaduck very not okay with this, and has come...or an obscene amount of pickle shoppe. Negaduck, naturally, comes sniffin' around. Heroes wit...

                  • Agent Carol Torres

                    Torres Family Angst (i.e. Why Carol bakes a lot)

                    (OOC: I wrote this to characterize Carol’s parents and provide some details on Carol&r...quo; Some of the staff was handing out candy and they welcomed...his is a party isn’t it? Where’s the cake? I hear...

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                    • Vladimir Grizzlikoff

                      By Vladimir Grizzlikoff

                      @Carol "Do not engage with that loon. He is being famous only for bad attitude, not skill." @drakemallard "Negaduck is terrorizing public with horrible puns, and all you do is sit here and complain like baby."

                      • Max Wicked

                        By Max Wicked

                        Max was walking by and stopped in his tracks by the TV shop as he heard what was going on and heard that name again "...Up to no good again...Except....Its gotten worse...Much worse..." tightening his fist and growling he yelled "Damn that...More

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                        • Negaduck

                          RP: From Bad to Wurst

                          [[RP reserved for Jade and Jacob but I don't mind oneshots appearing in the prison scene - just message me first. Alrighty, time to BUST IT.]] St Canard Supervillain Prison. A hold-up was occurring in the cafeteria, but not of the sort that had landed any of them in there in the first place.&nbs...