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    • Darkwing Duck

      Comment on "RP: Explosive Temper IIIB"

      "Hit it, LP!" Darkwing cried, and just before they were to clobber the criminal, the world changed yet again. They were in a bright, colorful plain, and each of them was dressed in a...

      • Reynard Lowkey

        Comment on "The Entertainer"

        ...slow playing.  "You could blame it on life style. The riches. The people." The crowd awed and ooed, taken in by what they believed to be a colorful pair of street performers. Ha...

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        • QuackerJack

          The Museum Heist (RP with Max Wicked)

          ...asleep, QuackerJack on the other hand was already wide awake and getting down to business. There was no time to lose!In the middle of a street, a colorful-looking toymaker in jester's...

          • Agent Gemini

            The Daily Grind (RP)

            ...ctly she wanted before grabbing a sugar filled breakfast roll to go with it.   While in line to pay she became distracted a moment by the colorful lotto scratch tickets until s...

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            • Puck Puddlebill

              Punk Girl

              Drawn by FrothignLizard

              Tags: puck, puddlebill, duck, punk, singer, band, irish, hero, colorful, midnight star

              • Puck Puddlebill

                Pop Punk Princess

                Drawn by CakeNoodlePaddy

                Tags: midnight star, puck, puddlebill, punk, singer, hero, duck, microphone, sexy, cute, pretty, gothic, colorful, irish