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    • Mother Goose

      Comment on "Just Glitter and Go Play"

      ...a great girlfriend? Throw in a sleeping bag, and this would be the best party ever. "Darling, there's not...your date~!" she took Celia's arm, as if they might stroll out into the club themselves and kill everyone w...

      • Lilly Teal

        Comment on "RP: Idle Worship"

        ...tuation better. In retrospect, she wasn't sure why she said it like that. It didn't make anything better. "Tuskernini crashed a party I was at. Ah... I work at a club in the evenings and Camille ju...

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        • Mother Goose

          Just Glitter and Go Play

          ...ment, some games, some music, some party to crash, without all the an...Wait, they had those, didn't they? Clubs! If it was a snake it would...ait... snake... coatl... the Coatl Club! Now that was a snazzy idea. headed out the door in her best party gown, grabbing a big bag of g...

          • Mother Goose

            Luck, Stalk, and Two Smoking Barrels

            The witch sighed softly from atop her barstool, observing the crowd from behind a hoped-in a rare fit of longing- that the Coatl Club would be the one to break the pattern, with its exciting, thumping club...

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            • Crimson Cowl

              Crimsonwing Cowl

              Oh...uh, forgot about this one. Darkwing, If you see this I swear I wasn't stealing your look, this was for a halloween party


              • Lilly Teal

                Club Pictures

                Oz's different costumes. Some day the people who wear them will get a say in how they look.

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                • Agent Carol Torres

                  Torres Family Angst (i.e. Why Carol bakes a lot)

                  (OOC: I wrote this to characterize Carol&r...nursing home’s annual Halloween party. She filled decorative Duck for fun. “Let’s party hearty.” She winked and...dquo; Carol smiled. “This is a party isn’t it? Where’s...

                  • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                    Roleplay Archives

                    A collection of saved RPs from the socialgo psychopathic problem.. Duckverse Christmas Cast Party - In which various members (, once again, pregnant, the Fearsome Four throw a party for Negs. There's just one, t...

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                    • Launchpad McQuack

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                      “Oh boy! Today is National Wheezes Peanut Butter Cup Day and Cheese Soufflé Day! And this Friday is National Pizza Party Day! I’m stocking up on peanut butter cups today for the party! Which I’m inviting all my friends to, because who doesn’t love...More

                      • Crimson Cowl

                        By Crimson Cowl

                        @Launchpad "Sweet! hero party!!"

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                        • Lilly Teal

                          Querido Quetzal

                          (OOC: Reserved for my characters, Piper, and the characters played either on the Bao or Von Drakes account I don't even know.) Was it a narcissistic name? Probably. But Ozymandias had some experience with narcissistic names. And as soon as his friend had, half-jokingly perhaps, suggested it as...

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