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    • Piper/ Jade

      Sweet Rendezvous (Part 1)

      ((Reserved for Negaduck and Jade/Piper. Anyone who wants to join, just ask.))Previously on Duckverse...Jade agrees to do some undercover work for Negaduck. The target? Jacob Mallard. After a long night out, poor Piper had to slip her way home in time to shower, change, and then head into work.***...

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      • Lilly Teal

        Ace of clubs

        Oz had been so grateful, so pleased by Gladstone's daring rescue at the gala, that he was only too happy to pay him back by taking the spotlight away from him. Not that it was exactly a chore, it was a complete pleasure. So perhaps he felt he hadn't paid him back, not really. And that may h...

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