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    • Morgana Macawber

      Comment on "Every Little Thing She Does"

      ...clock already?" Glancing over at the ornate Grandfather Clock that moaned with the restless spirits of casualties from an ancient Atlantean civil war.  "I'm afraid I have an...

      • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

        Comment on "RP: Heroes with Demons"

        ...Normal who lost a dueling kazoo battle. And this one." Pointing to a dark purple orb. "Was a murderous vampire in the middle ages who started a civil war among Normals and monsters."...

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        • Harmonizer

          The Sword That Thirsts

          War. War never changes. It started small. A few people were having a bad day. It was n...made him crack. But it certainly did not explain how, almost immediately afterwards, a schoolteacher had slit t...

          • Bao

            Sniper Without a Roost

            Name: Bao Nguyen Species: Eagle Hybrid Age: Despite the...ul in stealth almost as if he was molded by guerilla warfare. Most importantly, howeve...our childhood years were ripped away by genocide and war. Possessions: He only hol...

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            • Kamkairo

              Kacia Salucci-Hooter

              Full name :: Kacia Salucci-Hooter Alias(es) :: Screech Owl Age :: 23 Sex / Gender :: Female Species :: Great Ho...e= While she normally behaves aggressively, she is still fully capable of being civ...

              • Kamkairo


                Full name :: Malloria Gandera Alias(es) :: Malvolius, Mally Age :: 33 (physically...a= Started as a medical assistant, later became a nurse= Began service in World War II in 1942 as a medic= Disapp...

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                • Lilly Teal

                  Fae you'll be there

                  (OOC: Reserved for Mal, Lilly and Glad.) Tall and proud and wondrous fairThe people of the dark and airHold high the iron that they fearWhen the fair folk call, don’t let them near The person who stood on the street corner was the kind of person who reminded you of song lyrics. If it was ...

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