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    • Harmonizer

      The Sword That Thirsts

      War. War never changes. It started small. A few people were having a bad day. It was n...made him crack. But it certainly did not explain how, almost immediately afterwards, a schoolteacher had slit t...

      • Bao

        Sniper Without a Roost

        Name: Bao Nguyen Species: Eagle Hybrid Age: Despite the...ul in stealth almost as if he was molded by guerilla warfare. Most importantly, howeve...our childhood years were ripped away by genocide and war. Possessions: He only hol...

        • Harou

          Harou Profile

          Real Name: Mizushima Harou Alias: Harou Birthday: May 13th, 1957 Specie...omes before his given name. -Has several brothers and sisters. -Although anti-war, he is not a pacifist and wou...

          • Trevor Mallard

            Other Characters

            The following profiles are OCs that don't have their own a...timistic friendly chap with a sense of humor. He is aware that he is stigmatized by No...e drake became The Hunter. The two are constantly at war. Other Info: -Has an interes...

            • Launchpad McQuack

              Quackerjack's blog: "Fools Gold Rush In"

              ...he was royalty, and made his way towards his van to finish his answer, the old duck marched toward the house. He was going to m...the sneer but he remained calm and civil. For now. Launchpad offere...he was royalty, and made his way towards his van to finish his busin...