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    • Morgana Macawber

      Comment on "Every Little Thing She Does"

      ...clock already?" Glancing over at the ornate Grandfather Clock that moaned with the restless spirits of casualties from an ancient Atlantean civil war.  "I'm afraid I have an...

      • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

        Comment on "RP: Heroes with Demons"

        ...Normal who lost a dueling kazoo battle. And this one." Pointing to a dark purple orb. "Was a murderous vampire in the middle ages who started a civil war among Normals and monsters."...

        • Negaduck

          Comment on "RP: Cruising to Christmas"

          Scroogy, you have no imagination. Still, Negaduck kept it civil. As civil as patronisingly smooth with a hint of treachery could be, anyway.  "Oh come now, we're all friends here....

          • A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe of OCs

            Comment on "Parry and Trust"

            Finally free, Azkadell charged across the room and growled, keeping his globe-topped cane pointed at War and encouraging his Morning Glories and briars to keep growing and encircling War.  “A what?”...

            • Negaduck

              Comment on "RP: The Daily Grind"

              Having heard the arrival of a new customer, Negaduck had indeed gone back...o slurping. Partly to blend in amongst civilian life - St Canardians were..."Lilly and I were having a peaceful, civil discussion with absolutely no...y?" Smiled with a discreet, peaceful, civ...

              • Sir Emiry Mallard

                Comment on "Centaur in the Big City"

                ...She hath threatened to cast a curse, dooming the kingdom to an eternal civil war, and darkness. Natural I, and...... sacrifice their heart...."   *Now, normaly a tough warrior as himself wouldn`t break...

                • Raindrop Flud

                  Comment on "New in Town"

                  "Yeah, and the stuff here will be chump change compared to the war I fought back home." follows him

                  • Harmonizer

                    Comment on "Parry and Trust"

                    War chose to ignore Crina, but she threw her head back and laughed at Azkadell's wor...little, then they continued to bang their fists on the shield. Which, thanks to War, was starting to crack. ...

                    • A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe of OCs

                      Comment on "Parry and Trust"

                      Sergei snuck back into the room. Suddenly War would be covered in smoke and slime, and a ho...and Matilda were working together to distract War, hoping it would make her loo....  ——— Lexi looked toward the castle, sensing somethin...

                      • Raindrop Flud

                        Comment on "Looking for trouble"

                        ( OOC: Alright ^^ Btw, Harou looks awesome X3) Raindrop crossed her arms, looking around at the six attackers. "If you think you can scare me, your sadly mistaken. I've fought in the worst war you can imagine. Not to mention cutting me with blades will harfley do anything at all."