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    • Piper/ Jade

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      Jade 'eeped' when the power went out. Oh God, PLEASE do not be Megavolt… But, contrary to the rat's style&h...orway. Jade would have let another 'eep' escape… but she kind of...

      • Piper/ Jade

        Comment on "It was only a matter of time..."

        Her instinctive reaction was to hold a spoiled child in her head. But her logic was quick to step in...e your babies tonight. And she did kind of like her babies. Malicia for Darkwing to find. …but it was...Malicia spoke next. "What… kind of...

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        • Piper/ Jade

          About Jade/ Piper

          Name: Piper Lee Voice Actress (Sounds Like).... -She tries to act cold and indifferent, but always fails. - She has a start a family and settle down. Which is kind of Her mother keeps light contact with her, but over...

          • Launchpad McQuack

            To SHUSH or Not To SHUSH

            ...oose ponytail. Nothing fancy, but at least there's no more hair...ll if he asked Sophie nicely. But, not before being scanned, printed...ure out when and where to get together." Actually, Alex would very m...d planes out of scraps in all kinds of hairy situations. Hm. Tomorro...

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            • Trevor Mallard


              The Fanged Doppelganger.  NegaTrevor is a vampire currently terrorizing victims in the Negaverse known for his vicious nature and unsatisfied hunger.What was once a kind gen...

              • Steelbeak/Steelbeak

                Slats an' Steels

                Jus' socializing wit' de furry kind. (Original:


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                  Potsherds (Harmonizer and OC rp)

                  (OOC: I'm blank on ideas so this is kind of a "get to know you" rp, I suppose? Send me a messag...payment this week! What am I going to do?" Tempest ran blindly toward the back room but her...

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                  • MegaVolt

                    By MegaVolt

                    "QuackerJack, you flapping floppy flacker! What kind of virus is riddled with seizure-inducing colors and the Whiffle Boy commercial tune midi?!"

                    • Launchpad McQuack

                      By Launchpad McQuack

                      @drakemallard, @Malicia
                      "Uh, DW? M-maybe you shouldn't threaten to do something permanent to someone's reputation. It kind of makes you sound more like a bad guy than a good guy."

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                      • Lilly Teal

                        Stories untold

                        Celia was having an exceptionally good day. She hadn't had to throw anyone out, for one. All the patrons that had come in today were on their best behaviour, nobody was drinking too much, and the tables at the back that tended to have the more shady customers that they were supposed to ignore, we...

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