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    • Alex Shoveler

      Alex Shoveler

      About: ...hird option.  He would steadily, yet uneasily, give up his addictions and find peace and happiness by directly helping the people he was forced to abandon and neglect by becoming a s...

      • MegaVolt


        About: ...and shoot it at any target he chose. At the high school dance, he showed up in a yellow suit and tried to give himself the name Megawatt, but the band that was playing at the dance...

        • Danny Pavo

          Danny Pavo

          About: ...get pregnant. Due to health issues with Danny's new mother, she had to stay home, and she used that opportunity to homeschool her son while her husband worked hard at his job all da...

          • Puck Puddlebill

            Puck Puddlebill

            Occupation: Singer and Guitarist of alternative band "Dark Matter'About:, but found herself the singer and lead guitarist in a alternative band called Dark Matter and decided to put collage on hold and help try to get the band popular. Luckily, they did ge...

            • DarkwingPsycho


              About: ...ficult since he cannot forget why he had to leave in the first place. Since his return, he has been able to reunite with the son he was forced to abandon as well as meet others who...

              • Regulus Rex

                Regulus Rex

                Occupation: Contraband DealerAbout: One of Dr. Fossil’s experiments, a duck turned dinosaur, Regulus is an egotistic criminal who doesn't mind his species change. He now deals in contraband that he runs out of St. Canard. He's willing to buy, trade, and sell goods. As long you give him respect!

                • Max Wicked

                  Max Wicked

                  About: ...elum for their deeds and abilities. On Max's 5th birthday however, would be the downfall of his family as on that day, a dark army from monsters to bandits to even the most evil atta...

                  • Dr. Reginald Bushroot

                    Dr. Reginald Bushroot

                    About: ...Angry and powerful, tries to pick on annoyance itself. Life, the Negaverse and Everything = The official end of Negaduck and in that sense, the disbanding of the Five. Despite the h...

                    • Posiduck


                      About: his counterpart in the main verse. Posi helps others to seek and have happy fulfilling lives through his therapy work. He is a singer in a local band as a side job where he takes...

                      • Agent Gemini

                        Agent Gemini

                        About: ...ear. It has a old school style utility belt carrying whatever is needed on the field. CASUAL: Usual sassy phrase t-shirts and a color matching headband in her hair. Weapons: Main w...