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    • Alex Shoveler

      Alex Shoveler

      About: ...hird option.  He would steadily, yet uneasily, give up his addictions and find peace and happiness by directly helping the people he was forced to abandon and neglect by becoming a s...

      • MegaVolt


        About: ...and shoot it at any target he chose. At the high school dance, he showed up in a yellow suit and tried to give himself the name Megawatt, but the band that was playing at the dance...

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        • Lilly Teal

          Comment on "Ace of clubs"

          ...forward, Lilly threw open the lid, as despite their professionalism, the band members started craning their...s to see what was going on. That... that was definitely not Celia. The band went back to sitting in their...

          • Treble "Cadance" Clef

            Comment on "Rhythm and Crime"

            ...crowd as the curtains opened to reveal the boy band in all their glory - elicitin...e lights dropped, pummeling towards the hapless band's leader. The trio of singers...his part of the show? Certainly an innocent boy-band concert wouldn't involve the...

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            • Mother Goose

              Wicked Witch of the Beats

              ...ewest exhibit, ‘The Wonderful World of Oz’. Not only would the event opening be a fairytale delight, with a live “munchkin” band and fake yellow brick road, b...

              • Lilly Teal

                Ace of clubs

                ...e dinners all the time. If he got suspicious of all of them he'd never live his life. The club was lit softly and already full of quiet music, the band on stage having already suffi...

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                • Puck Puddlebill

                  Punk Girl

                  Drawn by FrothignLizard

                  Tags: puck, puddlebill, duck, punk, singer, band, irish, hero, colorful, midnight star

                  • Puck Puddlebill


                    Drawn by FrankieVonDrake

                    Tags: puck, puddlebill, duck, punk, singer, band, irish, hero, midnight star

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