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    • Negaduck

      The Prison Instruments

      Follow on/side scene to the Portal Instruments. Reserved for Negaduck, Ariana and Morgana Macawber at this stage. Any questions hit me up. Literally is fine. It was dark, stormy night... No, actually, as dramatic as that would have been, it wasn't. A soft spring morning, the breeze rolling pleas...

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      • Negaduck

        RP: The Daily Grind

        Sometime after Lilly's spectacularly successful go at Supervillain for a Day... It had been peaceful. So peaceful. The sort of peace that a bookstore with a cute little cafe was meant to have.  Then a swamp monster slammed open the door.  No wait, that was no swamp monster. That...

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        • Negaduck

          A Dance with Rogues

          In the Swagger Inn, the music was flowing, and the drinks were loud. Not loud enough, however, to drown out the sound of a growled threat for one poor lackey.  "Listen," Captain Negaduck felt he was being very charitably clear despite his increasing urge to brutalise something. "I need a sh...

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          • Negaduck

            Seas the Day

            Set after Hell Hath No Fury, when Ariana and Negaduck first depart to track down the Duchess and his soulful ship. Considerable time before The Pirate Queen. Reserved for Negs and Ari at this point, but throw any pitches my way.   He should have been proud. The two women had commande...

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            • Negaduck

              RP: Razed from the Dead

              Following on from, uh, everything. Reserved for Mother Goose, Quiverwing Duck, Ariana Macawber and guess who's back, back again. Rated M for extreme - if cartoony - violence, disfigurement and excessive arm puns. Some months after a maker met his own murder pit, things were as normal ...

              Tags: negaduck, quiverwing duck, ariana macawber, mother goose, how's this for a clash reunion

              • Negaduck

                A-Hole in One

                Teed Off. Now there was a business name Negaduck could get behind. Not that he would normally get behind somewhere as frustratingly funtastic as a mini golf establishment except perhaps to coat the club handles with sticky putty.  This time, however, he was on his best behaviour. The former...

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