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    • Piper/ Jade

      About Jade/ Piper

      Name: Piper Lee Voice Actress (Sounds Like):  Lacey Chabert  (Zatan...eaknesses: - Children - Is hung up on being a good girl despite being a thief....first, a thief second. Random Facts: - Jade is pre...

      • Launchpad McQuack

        To SHUSH or Not To SHUSH

        ...w. I dropped off a crate of copier paper. Looks like the director...on light to be polite."That's pretty nifty looking." Yep. He was...esmerizing to look at. Like a piece of modern art, the whole prost...mplaints about it. Hehe. He's pretty good at working with stuff, too. I...

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        • Gladstone Gander

          Tanya Spellbinder

          Since she seems to keep popping up here she is.  Steer clear if you know what's good for you.


          • Piper/ Jade

            Jade/ Piper (REKTCON VERSION)

            Name: Piper Lee 
Voice Actress (Sounds Like):  Lacey Chabert  (Zatanna from Young Just...Weaknesses: - Children - Is hung up on being a good girl despite being a, a thief second.

Random Facts:
- Jade is neutral goo...

            • Steelbeak/Steelbeak

              Good Mornin'


              • Kamkairo

                Kacia Salucci-Hooter

                Full name :: Kacia Salucci-Hooter Alias(es) :: Screech Owl Age :: 23 Sex / Gender :: Female Species :: Great H...nizer, or 'attack dog' Hobbies :: Card games, mainly Solitaire (it's all she's goo...

                • Kamkairo


                  Full name :: Nina Bellbird Alias(es) :: Nina-bean Age :: 8 Sex / Gender :: Female Species :: Call Duck Eye co...y curious- Imaginative- Very polite- Adventurous- Inquisitive- Tries to see the goo...

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                    Please read the FAQs page as well!  ...keeps the site running smoothly and will also answer some of the, a diversity of characters is always a good thing! Please note that if t...nnected canon character, it is considered goo...

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                      I registered an account and my email verification never arrived! All accoun..., I'll verify you. Normally, this happens pretty fast but sometimes I get busy...issue could be site-related, but it could also...e? The present administrator is Malicia, als...

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                      • Negaduck

                        RP: Deep Fry Her

                        [[Continued from Angel's message board.]] The sliding door was slid shut with a slam. Away from prying police eyes, Negaduck tossed Angel and her new devastatingly deadly accessory aside to check on the Negavat's progress through a side window.  Fifteen or so minutes, he assessed, before h...

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