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    • GizmoDuck

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      Okay, okay. Things were fine! No rust! Emotions under control! Now for the cover up that was completely unnecessary because everyone in the room had heard exactly why...

      • Agent Gemini

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        Gemini gave a small chuckle at Papyrus.   “Well, it's technically our first X-Mas in St. Canard. I'm glad you two could join us. Ah yeah- Us,” she gave both the sk...



        • Agent Gemini

          The Bite Before Christmas (Open RP)

          Gemini was busy reading in her apartment when she was startled was by an unusual clatter downstairs. There hadn't been any noise down there for months since the restaurant below closed. She glanced at the calendar on the wall to double check that it was only the 22nd, “Well, it can't be San...

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