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    • Rebarka Sterling

      By Rebarka Sterling

      "LOOSEY GOOSEY!?! NEWCOMER MOTHER GOOSE on the prowl for Prince Charming! DOESN'T CARE WHAT HOME SHE WRECKS TO DO IT. 'She snuck into my daddy's man cave and stole him away and her Gingerbread giant killed my dog' says teary eyed tot. Who will...More

      • Rebarka Sterling

        By Rebarka Sterling

        "THIS JUST IN!! FAIRYTALE FORFEIT! 'I would never date ANYONE...YUCK!" Claims Mother Goose, and yet eyewitnesses report that she's eyeing a ring for a certain special someone... who is of the female persuasion...has the illusive Black Mamba sunk her...More

        • Rebarka Sterling

          By Rebarka Sterling

          "LOVE TRIANGLE?? SPY FUELED SWEETHEARTS LOVE ON THE ROCKS?? Readers love is a fickle thing! Especially in nefarious hands! Our dear enchanted enchantress Mother Goose may be cruisin' for a heart bruisin'! Sources say that in the heat of a tiff...More

          • Black Arts Devil

            By Black Arts Devil

            @Negaduck I CAN BEAT THE GOOSE!

            • Negaduck

              By Negaduck

              @Blackartsbeagle "I'm sure you beat the goose plenty. That's not what was on offer though."

              • Gladstone Gander

                By Gladstone Gander

                8/14 @11:59pm "Hey kiddos- if anyone needs me just uh... wait. I'm going AWOL for a solid twenty-four. For no particular reason. Just.. yeah okay. Later."

                Gladstone procedes to lay in the middle of an empty room and stare at the ceiling in...More

                • Quiverwing Duck

                  By Quiverwing Duck


                  "Immediate approval :eggplant emoji: :heart pierced with arrow emoji:"

                  That seemed like it might be a little overly familiar as a response, even taking into consideration the subject of the photograph. But it wasn't as overly...More

                  • DarkwingPsycho

                    By DarkwingPsycho

                    @Duckpool Jacob: "The Green Gobbler? You brought that gluttonous goose here?!"

                    • Rebarka Sterling

                      By Rebarka Sterling

                      "HOT HEADED HOOLIGAN HEAD OF HOTTIE'S FANCLUB? Oh goodness, readers we have got QUITE a scandalous tip in our inboxes over here at Care of the Dog. It seems the Duckburg invasion continues by sea as the infamous Lithuanian multiplujillionaire...More

                      • Crimson Cowl

                        By Crimson Cowl

                        @greatsouthernpansy Oh come on, Devil superpowers are awesome! Haven't you seen Goose Rider?