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    • Launchpad McQuack

      Potsherds (Harmonizer and OC rp)

      (OOC: I'm blank on ideas so this is kind of a "get to know you" rp, I suppose? Send me a message if you have an idea for making it more interesting. XD )   Not long after Jab Specks, Raindrop, Six, and Harou left the proximity of the building the robbery and explosion had taken place ...

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      • Launchpad McQuack

        A Wicked Fun Morning

        It was a pleasant morning in St. Canard. The weather was comfortable, no alarms were blaring, no horns were honking, and no one was shouting. It was all quiet... Then suddenly a truck slowed down on Audubon Bay Bridge, forcing the cars behind it to screech their brakes. BEEEEEEP Beep beep beep! ...

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