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    • Gladstone Gander

      Trouble Brewing

      There was something WRONG about this city. The one eyed witch sat scowling at her spellbook searching for answers. After her brief run in with some rather atypical “Normals” Tanya Spellbinder had abandoned her objective and retreated to the shadows. But she was a witch, and a damn &ld...

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      • Gladstone Gander

        High School Crushed or You Had me at "YcnĂ gnnisssz" *tear*

        Somewhere in the multiverse, there may be a city or a suburb that doesn't have a "Lover's Lane" some cheeky politicians even name the most scenic overlooks that in an effort to impress young voters to little to no success.  This was the case during the last election with Mayor Ricardo Frendi...


        • Negaduck

          RP: Meet Your Maker

          Reserved intially for Negaduck and Tanya Spellbinder (aka Gladstone aka Kitty). See OOC Board for thread.  It was always a shock to discover oneself not dead. Particularly after being dropped into a massive murder machine that should have been fatal - but he would focus on that feedbac...

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