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    • Negaduck's Biggest Stan

      Trouble Brewing

      ...ty. The one eyed witch sat scowling at her spellbook searching for answers. After her brief run in with some rather atypical “Normals” Tanya Spellbinder had abandoned her...

      • Morgana Macawber

        RP: You Suck

        ((This blog takes place after the events in Meet Your Maker)) Reserved for: Morgana, Darkwing, Negaduck, and (later) Tanya.  Morgana awoke to the frenzied screeching of Eek &a...

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        • Negaduck's Biggest Stan

          Tanya Spellbinder

          Since she seems to keep popping up here she is.  Steer clear if you know what's good for you.


          • Lilly Teal

            The same as it never was

            The Market had been an eye opening experience in many ways. For Matthew, it had brought a secret softness that he had missed. One could even say he hadn't noticed it had dried up until it was brought back again, bringing with it a smile very few people had seen. Mambo was one of those privileged...

            Tags: Matthew, Lilly, Gladstone, Tanya, magic and time travel and markets oh my!