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    • Nigel Mallard

      Nigel Mallard

      About: ...nt for F.O.W.L.'s High Command.  Not happy about it. Nigel Mallard oversees F.O.W.L. operations in the UK.  He gets his orders from Chief Agent Steelbeak and, on occasion, directly fr...

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      • DarkwingPsycho

        Comment on "Dazed and Misused"

        Steelbeak instantly recoiled from the arm on the shoulder a...uzzle'?  What are you, a Neanderthal?" Then Steelbeak's eyes blinked with interest...Merlot, champagne..." His mind still on alcohol, Steelbeak's attention was now on Dr. Te...

        • DarkwingPsycho

          Comment on "Dazed and Misused"

          Steelbeak took the chance to get himself to a safer space...and called in reinforcement.....or at least they would have were they not feeling so sluggish. "What the?" Steelbeak muttered.  Then he yelle...

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          • Steelbeak/Steelbeak

            Just pokin' around

            OOC: All's welcome! Steelbeak wasn't above stealing trade secrets; if it could benefit him, or FOWL,...their finest on assignment, to see what could be developed from him. Steelbeak shut off his communicator and...

            • DarkwingPsycho

              Dazed and Misused

              ((OOC: Starting off with Steelbeak, Dr. Tex, and Reynard at first, then open up later.)) FOWL's Chief Ag...ched Dr. Tex.  The man gave him the creeps and that was something Steelbeak was NOT used to feeling. ...

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              • Drake Mallard

                By Drake Mallard

                "Boy. You must be into old ladies then, Steelbeak. None your age or younger like you so that's all you can get." Two can play at that game.

                • Darkwing Duck

                  By Darkwing Duck

                  ((OOC: I'm heading to my folks' for a week or so! My responses will be sporadic if I am able to respond at all. That includes my DarkwingPsycho account, Gosalyn, and Steelbeak. Happy Thanksgiving to you Americans out there!))

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                • Steelbeak's Place

                  Steelbeak's Place

                  My pad, take a look around, make yerself comfy . . .


                  • Piper/ Jade

                    Started from the Bottom

                    Previously on Duckverse… The return of Negaduck. Sighted, confirmed and subsequently smashed with evidence, Jade escapes the clutches of the psychopathic mallard— but only just barely. And little does out little duckette know, she has a little friend tagging along. Reserved for Jade and Steelbea...

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                    • DarkwingPsycho

                      Dazed and Misused

                      ((OOC: Starting off with Steelbeak, Dr. Tex, and Reynard at first, then open up later.)) FOWL's Chief Agent strode into the lab with swagger befitting his station.  He was careful not to get near any of the boiling beakers or uncapped vials lest they stain his pristinely white suit.  H...

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