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    • Darkwing Duck

      Darkwing Duck

      About: ...rious caped crusader. He has tussled with St. Canard's most dangerous criminal element and occasionally works freelance with top secret spy agency SHUSH (off-the-books, of course)....

      • Alex Shoveler

        Alex Shoveler

        Occupation: SHUSH Geographical Information Systems Analyst and Field Agent (former urban planner)About: ...his person, his world truly began to rise from the dark abyss into a bright, warm light. One year later... Alex is fully employed as an agent for SHUSH while keeping in touch with s...

        • Sophie Sarcelle

          Sophie Sarcelle

          Occupation: SHUSH Field Agent and Chauffeur (former Formula 1 driver and factory GT driver)

          • Trevor Mallard

            Trevor Mallard

            Occupation: Monster Hunter/SHUSH Agent/House DuckAbout: Trevor Mallard is an immortal 18th century monster hunter and a SHUSH Special Agent of the Department of Supernatural Investigations. His Negaverse counterpart is a vampire.

            • A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe of OCs

              A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe of OCs

              Occupation: Varies (SHUSH agents, a SHUSH liason, a witch, gangsters, an artist, and villains)About: ...people, or he'd be written out of the will and the family estate would be donated to the city. He wasn't thrilled with the idea of a desk job but SHUSH seemed to have enough action...

              • Harmonizer


                About: ...the law, if she knows it would help people. She used to be an enemy of SHUSH due to a terrible misundersta...gain more confidence in herself to continue fighting crime and going on SHUSH missions to pay off her sente...

                • DarkwingPsycho


                  About: ...t it means to be a Normal.     Jacob Mallard: A fifty-five-year-old SHUSH agent, Jacob was reinstated position after a mysterious fifteen year absence.  During that time, SHUSH declared him MIA and everyone...

                  • Agent Carol Torres

                    Agent Carol Torres

                    About: ...arents. She’s a speed reader and highly trained at memory retrieval so she catalogs and stores tons of information mentally while she goes through SHUSH paperwork. 

                    • Elliot Hudson

                      Elliot Hudson

                      Occupation: SHUSH Pilot/AgentAbout: Elliot Hudson is a pilot and agent for SHUSH. He dreams of one day becoming a famo...amily. Especially his father.- Has served both SHUSH UK and Central branches. Currently residing in St. Canard, working at SHUSH Central.- Has been a fan of t...

                      • Agent Gemini

                        Agent Gemini

                        About: ...drama going on. Abilities, Skills, and Powers: When she is working as a SHUSH Agent it is all about defense...she uses on a case by case basis depending on the mission given. Full SHUSH File: SHUSH FILE OTHER CHAR...