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    • Piper/ Jade

      Comment on "The Forgotten (MA)"  She glanced at Jacob, at his suggestion namely that they use SHUSH resources. "Um... won't it like I said, this is basically new tech... how do we know it isn't a SHUSH job? Or FOWL? You know their...

      • Max Wicked

        Comment on "One Good Laugh Ought to Do It!"

        ...ld meet two unfamiliar faces he hadn't seen in SHUSH even from the previous timeli..., Max nodded as he waited to see the leader of SHUSH...Hooter. While he waited, Ma...his French heroine friend and the control that SHUSH was losing as the emotionless...

        • Harmonizer

          Comment on "RP: Explosive Temper IIIB"

          ...ersaulted off it and landed on the rooftop of a building nearby. Seeing SHUSH, she automatically headed tow...d control, she honestly should have done better. However, her hatred of SHUSH was ever growing, and it woul...

          • Crimson Cowl

            Comment on "F.O.W.L Agent Roster"

            Hm. Well I once stated that John Doe was both FOWL agent who was secretly working for SHUSH the entire time before FOWL erased his memories...Do I put him on this one or the SHUSH one?

            • Harmonizer

              Comment on "A Wish and an Arrow"

              ...anything. Eet's fine."  "But... the news said she was an enemy of SHUSH! She conspired with Negaduck to kidnap an agent once, and they say half of SHUSH took a trip to the hospital s...

              • DarkwingPsycho

                Comment on "Let the game begin..."

                ...e shook his head.  "Not for something this big.  You'll be on SHUSH's radar, whereas right now yo...nbsp;I could get you access to the access tunnels that run beneath SHUSH.  They're rarely patroll...

                • Piper/ Jade

                  Comment on "Prelude: Suspicious Bulges"

                  Brow raised. SHUSH huh? "Hmm. A middle man wouldn't hurt. Shipments coming directly to you ar...ndered why Jacob, who seemed to be in good with Malicia, wasn't redirecting SHUSH's attention. Perhaps the dem...

                  • Posiduck

                    Comment on "Safety Semi Guaranteed (RP)"

                    ...your listing about needing a psychologist. I currently are employed at SHUSH Central as a clinical psychol...d. I can send my credentials if needed. Sincerely, Dr. Drake Mallard, SHUSH Clinical Psychologist

                    • Quiverwing Duck

                      Comment on "The Point of Music"

                      ...I'll have no choice if I want to work legally. I didn't want to bother SHUSH, here, but I don't see any ot...," said the drake, in a reasonable tone. "But I might be willing to let SHUSH forge something for me."

                      • Agent Gemini

                        Comment on "The Daily Grind (RP)"

                        ...with new energy.   “I heard about SHUSH from where I worked at Four C...s. They're an agency that sometimes works with SHUSH. They focus a lot more on the...c was a bit congested, “Why did you join SHUSH?"