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    • Darkwing Duck

      Darkwing Duck

      About: ...rious caped crusader. He has tussled with St. Canard's most dangerous criminal element and occasionally works freelance with top secret spy agency SHUSH (off-the-books, of course)....

      • Alex Shoveler

        Alex Shoveler

        Occupation: SHUSH Geographical Information Systems Analyst and Field Agent (former urban planner)About: ...his person, his world truly began to rise from the dark abyss into a bright, warm light. One year later... Alex is fully employed as an agent for SHUSH while keeping in touch with s...

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        • Darkwing Duck

          Comment on "RP: Red Pickled Herrings"

          ...but he hadn't been.  He'd been too busy chasing Negaduck around then stewing over the bad press he'd received.  He hadn't been to SHUSH in a long while, and if it didn't...

          • Sophie Sarcelle

            Comment on "Trader Sam's Tiki Bar"

            ...oments.  Really, Alex?  You should know better.  "Yes we have!  Mr. McQuack and I first met in a break room at SHUSH Central and later in the SHUSH parking garage when we were w...

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            • Launchpad McQuack

              To SHUSH or Not To SHUSH

              ...erous conference rooms in the SHUSH headquarters building opened....ment meetings each month, but SHUSH didn’t skimp on no idea you were a part of SHUSH." Alex said in astonishment....had back when I first joined SHUSH. Not their fault, of course....

              • Sophie Sarcelle

                Trader Sam's Tiki Bar

                After an arduous week at SHUSH Central, combined with plumbing issues at their condominium and some dam...mart phone still had a good charge and dialed up the volume in case if a SHUSH emergency would require their...

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                • Trevor Mallard


                  The amount of paperwork one has to do at SHUSH is unreal. Help me..

                  • Posiduck

                    Posi Agent Suit

                    The SHUSH uniform


                    • Sophie Sarcelle

                      The Old Condo

                      Sophie's first condo in downtown St. Canard overlooking the Audubon Bay Bridge and the waterfront.  After meeting Alex and becoming a SHUSH agent, both Alex and Sophie left their original homes and moved into a new condo closer to SHUSH headquarters.

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                      • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                        Roleplay Archives

                        ...herself, that is. Kachka gets dragged along for the ride. To the Future and Beyond! - Lilly and a pregnant Mal hitch a ride to the future in the SHUSH time machine. Lunchtime in t...

                        • Agent Gemini

                          Agent Gemini's SHUSH File

                          ((This is a file that IC  upper mid level and higher SHUSH have access to.)) Agent Gemini’s files start out with many high recommendations from other agencies around the...

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                          • Alex Shoveler

                            By Alex Shoveler

                            @drakemallard "I hear ya. Although I've just been kept up because I keep thinking about SHUSH project deadlines, the summer heat hasn't been helping me either. Hopefully Autumn will come early this year."

                            • Alex Shoveler

                              By Alex Shoveler

                              "Between all of the redundant SHUSH paperwork B.S. and cold, rainy weather I'm seriously in need of some excitement. Okay, Sophie, what do you think about taking some Salsa classes?"

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                            • S.H.U.S.H. Central

                              S.H.U.S.H. Central

                              SHUSH is an international super-secret spy organization headed by J.Gander Hooter. SHUSH usually handles cases that the regular authorities cannot, as well as FOWL cases. It is not known what the acronym stands for, as the organization is so top secret the acronym is unknown.


                              • Launchpad McQuack

                                To SHUSH or Not To SHUSH

                                To SHUSH or not to SHUSHPublished by: Launchpad on 4th Sep 2014 | View all blogs by Launchpad ((For Launchpad, Alex Shoveler, and Sophie Sarcelle for now. If other players want to get involved, PM me and we'll have fun figuring out a go-plan. For now, this is just a "getting to know you" rp.)) P...

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                                • Steelbeak/Steelbeak

                                  'appy Boithday

                                  Me, uh, strangling Grizzlikof. Yeah, dat's what I'm doin'! I-I don't 'ave a crush on 'im! ALL LIES YOUSE 'EAR. ALL LIES. (*pffft* Sure ;) Original:

                                  Tags: Steelbeak, SHUSH, FOWL, Grizzlikof, Agent Grizzlikof

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