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    • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

      Comment on "All about 'Rektcon'"

      You mean would Harmonizer be younger? That's totally up to you. You can keep her exactly as is you want. You could always assume that, for example, the roleplay scenes with her meeting Bushr...

      • Darkwing Duck

        Comment on "Raising Pain"

        One of Darkwing's eyes lifted a crack at the voice, not registering it right away, but when the spotlight snapped the source of the noise.  "You," he said in a tone that was generally reserved...

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        • Mark Beaks

          Waddle Duck (Reserved RP)

          Time: Day, Scene: A bank robbery headed by a group of simple thugs. The only reason anyone is taking this is seriously is because they have a bomb! The hostages need a hero...but will they get one? Okay they will, it's ST CANARD, they have like, a billion of them!

          • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

            OOC: The roleplay wiki is open for business!

            HAI GUYS. I am super happy to announce that we now have ou...e know!  For you newbies who haven't started roleplaying yet: While I do have a ru...tively lurking and trying to get involved with the roleplay. Since we're in need of help,...

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            • Kamkairo

              Kacia Salucci-Hooter

              Full name :: Kacia Salucci-Hooter Alias(es) :: Screech Owl Age :: 23 Sex / Gender :: Female Species :: Great Hor...she's good at)Description of personality :: - Emotionally temperamental- Very reserved...

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              • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                Duckverse Roleplay Ratings

                ...'s rating in regard to mature roleplay. I figure I best clear up som...functions in terms of mature roleplay. While "Duckverse" for fluffy, child-friendly roleplay then I highly suggest you the very beginning of the roleplay. For example, if you're star...

                • Queen Malicia of St. Canard


                  I registered an account and my email verification never arr...he Darkwing/DuckTales fandom were using myspace to roleplay. Over time, myspace began cra...rankieVonDrake created Duckverse via Socialgo as a roleplay alternative. The site finally...

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                  • Duck Avenger

                    Shake 'n Quake

                    A rumble of the Earth erupted while Donald was polishing up the Revenger. Luckily, One, his AI partner shielded him with an earthquake-proof room just as the shaking kicked up. These things were just a fact of life. It didn't help that Duckburg was built right atop Futterman's fault, but the...

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                    • Just Quackerjack

                      What A Wonderful Town!

                      You just didn't see places like this anymore. Pastel-colored houses, all the same, lined the perfectly cleaned streets. Gardens peppered every house's front lawn, filled with flowers and butterflies of all sorts and colors. A few people (dressed in equally pastel-colored clothes and wit...

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